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100 For Eleanor


MRS Eleanor Smith, who lives at Pineview, celebrated her 100th birthday last Thursday.

Family and friends acknowledged this milestone with a morning tea and Ballarat Legacy presented the birthday girl with a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Mrs Smith was one of ten children but had none of her own, looking after her mother, when required, and she used to spend time with other family members over the years. Her niece said that when Mrs Smith’s mother died, in the early sixties, she moved to Ballarat with them. “She worked for Ballarat Teacher’s College for a while as a kitchen hand,” her niece said. “She got married close to age 50 and her husband died in 1992 and she lived at home until 21st January 2015 and she has been here since.

“She keeps really well, just has problems with her hearing.”

We are told that Mrs Smith was so excited about her upcoming birthday that she got dressed for it the day before!

Sitting back and enjoying her special day Mrs Smith said the secret to her longevity was work.

“It never killed anybody yet,” she said with a laugh. Mrs Smith said her best times were working on the family farm adding, “Your life is really your own, on the farm, I think.” “You work, mind you.” She said she likes living at Pineview where she is looked after “very well”. “I spent most of my life in Swan Hill. Ballarat’s alright, but it’s a bit cold,” she laughed.

Mrs Smith still enjoys a nip of brandy and going to the Robin Hood for a counter lunch and a turn on the poker machines. When she went to get married Mrs Smith had to get her birth certificate and the birth certificate had her name as Mary Eleanor instead of Eleanor Mary and she didn’t know that – neither did the family. “So it makes it interesting, when we had to get a copy of her birth certificate, because that got lost, we had to make sure it was under Mary Eleanor and we had to think where she was born and after a few guesses we got it right – Charlton,” her niece added.