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$10,000 fine


After a series of meetings between Collingwood and Jordan De Goey on Monday, it has been agreed that Jordan will remain a senior listed Collingwood player on the following terms: Jordan has made a commitment to enlist the assistance of medical professionals to help him improve his decision making.

Jordan has agreed to make signifi cant changes to his social life and associations, a pledge the club supports and will monitor.

In relation to Jordan’s drink driving conviction last Saturday evening, it has been agreed that the following will also apply: An indefi nite suspension from AFL selection. When Jordan has convinced his peers and coaches that meaningful change has occurred, and that his standards have risen to those of the group, he will become available for selection.

A fi ne of $10,000.

Jordan has also offered to make a further $10,000 donation to a charity, a gesture the club acknowledges and supports.

Jordan will be required to undertake employment away from the club for a period of not less than four weeks.

During this time he will train in the evenings with the Collingwood VFL squad.

Jordan will take on a meaningful role with a charitable organisation, a position that will be monitored by the club.

All of the above were agreed to after meetings between Jordan and the Collingwood leadership group and Jordan, his manager, and senior club offi cials.

Collingwood General Manager of Football, Geoff Walsh, said the outcomes provide Jordan with an unmistakeable message but also an unmistakeable opportunity.