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200th game for Towner – Johanna

Laker Katelyn Sutton who tried to spoil Johanna Dash, Dunnstown Captain.

THE match between the top 2 Central Highlands A Grade netball sides, Learmonth and Dunnstown, was played in gale force winds but the extreme conditions did not stop either team from putting on a great show for the spectators.

The goalers who worked close to the ring had a much better chance of conversion and the team which adapted to the wind gained a couple of goals throughout the match.

Dunnstown started the better of the teams and was creative in attack whilst Learmonth held sway in the 2nd half leading deep into the 4th quarter. Dunnstown Captain , Johanna Dash playing her 200th A Grade game for the Towners, wrested the game back for her team with a couple of timely intercepts which lifted the Towners in the last minute of the game . The resulting 2 goal win giving Dunnstown top of the ladder position. It was a real blow to Learmonth when they lost top goal shooter/attack, Elisha Phalps near half time when she injured her hand, she had scored five goals up to that time, but had to come off and who knows how the scores would have ended had she still been able to finish out the game.

The match was anyone’s right to the end and the endeavour of all players was a credit to both clubs.

The conditions were unpleasant but the clubs’ players just got on with the task and made it a great game and an exciting match to witness.