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2018 White Night program revealed


BALLARAT artists will be in the spotlight when White Night returns to the region in 2018.

The 2018 White Night Ballarat program has been extended to include the Armstrong Street precinct.

More visual pieces from regional artists will feature in next year’s event, with a staggering 60 per cent of the 2018 program dedicated to the work of artists and performers who hold a connection to Ballarat.

The program has also doubled in size, with a stronger Ballarat flavour than ever before.

White Night Ballarat Artistic Director David Atkins, along with artists, musicians and performers, will once again transform the city through installations, lighting, exhibitions and interactive performances when the onenight event returns on 17 March.

Many of Ballarat’s heritage buildings with the iconic Town Hall also added to the program in 2018 will be brought to life through colourful projections to reflect the 2018 Creative Theme: “And the Sun sank again on the great Australian bush, the nurse and tutor of eccentric minds, the home of the weird, and of much that is different from things in other lands.” Henry Lawson.

A highlight of the free community event, which will next year be expanded throughout more of the CBD’s streets and laneways over a seven-hour period, is The Eagle – an LED animation of the Bunjil, inspired by the artwork of Ballarat’s Indigenous Auntie and Elder Marlene Gibson.

Throughout the night, residents and visitors will also have the chance to see local artist Stuart Walsh at work as he creates Ghosts of Eureka a fluorescent spray paint mural which aims to provide a testament to the events surrounding the Eureka Stockade.

Other local artists, including Cameron Ross, Lou Callow, Esther KoningsOakes, Pauline O’ShannessyDowling, Skyline Drone Imagine and Margi Balazic will also feature works during the 2018 White Night Ballarat event.

In 2018, the program of projections is set to extend further than the city’s buildings, with an innovative new work by Giovanna Inserra to feature a series of eyes projected onto trees in Sturt Street.

The Ballarat Town Hall has also been included in the program, with the building set to be transformed into an electric canvas celebrating Ballarat’s past through black and white images.

The popular White Night Messenger will return in 2018, joined by a number of other moving sculptures which will also feature at the White Night Melbourne event.

These roaming sculptures include the Utility Kinetic Insect (UKI) by Pelican Studios which appeared at the 2017 Burning Man Festival, and the 5.5-metre stilt structure Bird Men.

The inaugural White Night Ballarat in March 2017 drew crowds of 40,000 who filled the streets and adjoining laneways of Sturt and Lydiard.

City of Ballarat Mayor Samantha McIntosh said, “Knowing the benefits of what a truly successful event like White Night can provide for the region, we’re thrilled to see the White Night Ballarat program extended in 2018.

“With a team of highlyqualified artists, musicians and performers lead by the talented David Atkinson, there is no doubt Ballarat residents and visitors are in for a splendid seven hours of creativity, colour and spectacular entertainment.

“The 2018 program of reimagined installations and performances looks set to once again reveal the city’s creative industries, which are fast-becoming the pillar of Ballarat’s arts culture.

“It’s a high-quality program of artistic offerings such as this which put the city in the best possible position to lead the state with its event program, and continue to inspire a strong sense of pride among the community.

“This is also a great opportunity for the large number of local artists who are contributing to our reputation as a City of the Arts and growing local arts ecology.”