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75 km Championship Race at Weatherboard Circuit

Phil Cartledge takes the chequered flag as he wins the Weatherboard Championship

Weatherboard Championship Race THE windy conditions tempered any bold attacks in the 75 km Championship Race held on the Weatherboard circuit near Learmonth last Sunday. Riders shared a healthy dose of respect for each other’s ability meaning that attacks were few and far between as no one wanted to commit too early. As the kilometres whittled down the race started to favour the sprinters. Not prepared to lose out in a sprint, Phil Cartledge made an attack with about 10 kilometres remaining. Some indecision by the other riders meant that Cartledge was able to open a 500 metre gap on the chasers. Finally a chase was organised, and the gap was almost closed as the race went over the final climb, however Cartledge had measured his effort so that he had plenty to give in the final 5 kilometres. He needed every metre too, as the riders rode into the wind. Behind Cartledge, only Matt Bowman and Brendan Schiemer seemed capable of bridging the gap. Rounding the final corner Cartledge still held a few hundred metres on the chasers, but now he also had a tail wind to work with. The gap narrowed, but it wasn’t closed. Phil Cartledge winning his first Championship race.

Championship Race results:

1st Phil Cartledge

2nd Matt Bowman

3rd Brendan Schiemer

4th Andrew Rushton

5th Bob Morley

Other races B Grade Championship results:

1st Danny Whelan

2nd John Creek

3rd Kevin Lee

C Grade Championship results:

1st Terry Collie

2nd Barry Robinson

3rd Robert Young.