City of Ballarat Mayor Cr John Philips and Cr Vicki Coltman at launch.

A HISTORIC event took place on Wednesday 28th October in a packed hall when Ballarat Mayor John Philips unveiled the new name of what was the Ballarat North Senior Citizens Centre. The audience was made up of members from U3A (University of the Third Age), Ballarat North Senior Citizens and members of the Eureka Chapel.

“This venue has gone from 40 Senior Citizens using it for 20 hours a week in 2013 to the current scenario where 980 people use it in excess of 60 hours a week, 7 days a week. This makes this centre one of the most utilised community venues in the whole of Ballarat,” said Cr Philips before unveiling the new sign.

The centre will now be known as Ballarat North Community Centre. On the conclusion of the U3A AGM, the audience was wonderfully entertained during the afternoon by the U3A Choir. A member in the audience was overheard saying after one of their songs “Why don’t we hear them more often they are really good”. Blake Gordon the President of U3A. in presenting his Annual report, thanked the North Senior Citizens Club for sharing the building as it had allowed the accommodation of new classes in Yoga, Scottish Dancing and Dancercise etc. The planned construction of a single office, four classrooms, a modern kitchen and café, a spacious hall on one level, new toilets and useful storage are now documented in architect Peter John’s plan. Reconstruction of the west wall of the centre should be completed over the summer break. “The reconstruction of the internal rooms, a complete repaint and upgrade to compliance with other city buildings relies on 2016 funding from the City of Ballarat.,” Mr Gordon said as he continued to present his report. Mary Maloney concluded the presentations by displaying the new look U3A webpage where members and the public can check out the 85 courses, timetables, enrollment days and times etc. The Vice President Jack Engwerda commented that this Centre is a fantastic precedent for the City of Ballarat. A wonderful afternoon tea was served at the end creating a happy ending to an enjoyable afternoon.