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I am known to my friends and relatives as a very ordinary cook, so why am I recommending a cook book?

Because it is so different, and parts of it are close to my heart cooking quickly for one thing.

It has always seemed to me that so much time is taken up in the kitchen, with the results eaten in a very short time, that it is a thankless task. Much rather read a book than slave over a hot stove!

The sub-title provided by this young cook really says it all “over 150 quick, smart and flavour-packed recipes for every day” . This is what she delivers.

After a lengthy introduction the chapters are “in the time it takes to set the table”, “eat in twenty”, “on the table in half an hour”, forty minute feasts”, “investment cooking”, “super-fast breakfasts”, and “quick puddings and sweet treats”. How about that? Behind all of this Anna Jones is thinking of our modern way of life, when time is always of the essence. Very few men or women have much time to devote to cooking, as their jobs demand so much of their precious time, with the rest taken up by the family. Fitting in elaborate, time-hungry meals is certainly no longer a priority. The timing of this handsome book could not be better.

The illustrations are particularly mouth-watering, so that even the uninspired cook might be tempted to try some of the fast recipes. There is a specially fine description of how to make the perfect omelette, certainly the best I’ve seen since the :slobbery omelette” featured in the interesting book of many years ago, entitled The Garrulous Gourmet”. Step by step the preparation takes the indifferent cook to a final triumph, with that illustration spurring the wielder of the beater ever onwards.

Yes I an am waxing lyrical, because this really is quite a gem amongst cookery books, because it assumes that not everyone is gifted in this department, unlike most others on the market today.

The publisher has wisely brought it out in hardback, so that it will be easy to handle in the kitchen, and will last through many years of sticky finger handling. A Modern Way to Cook is just that and Anna Jones’s hope that we will become more aware of what we eat, and how we prepare it, should be fulfilled.


PUBLISHED by FOURTH ESTATE for a recommended $49.99

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