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A guide book? Yes and No. It is a guide to the city of light like no other. Janice MacLeod is a writer, a painter and a photographer, so she brings all those skills to beguile her readers with days of a particular year in her life, a year of falling in love with Paris, and with Christophe. Along the way it becomes a unique guide book. If you have spent time in Paris, this charming hard-back will evoke memories. If you are planning a trip to Paris, this delightful account will introduce you to pleasures to come. If you happen to be unable to travel, there is no better book about this most romantic of all cities to read to take you there from your armchair, or wheelchair.

Each day is a Saint’s Day, so it’s a learning experience too. I happen to be writing this review on July 26th this is St.Joachim’s Day certainly news to me! Seeing such a city through such perceptive eyes is an experience not be missed. The water-colours are exquisite, the photographs are of such diverse subjects that the enchantment is never ending flowers, buildings, laneways, odd objects, bikes, produce, blackboards and people. Because of my failing eyesight I do have a criticism of the cursive print, even though I have to acknowledge that it does make it seem more like a personal account than anything else possibly could From one end-paper to the last, lovers of Paris will be delighted with Janice MacLeod’s year, while others will find their desire to see such a city with their own eyes mounting to the top of their travel list.


PUBLISHED by HACHETTE for a recommended $35.00

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