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A Perfect Comedy

Olivia French in character as Harriet Copeland.

IN the closing scene in the movie Some Like It Hot, Jack Lemon, in drag and masquerading as Daphne, fails to discourage Osgood Fielding the Third’s determination to marry Daphne, by listing all of his/her faults.

In frustration he flings off the wig and declares his masculinity to which Osgood, in response, utters the classic end line of the movie”Well! Nobody’s Perfect”.

Simon Williams, playwright, not only uses the last line of Some Like It Hot as the title of his play Nobody’s Perfectbut creates a situational comedy that is in the tradition of Some Like it Hot, Tootsie and Mrs Doubtfire.

Replete with hilarious visual gags combined with witty dialogue and engaging characters Nobody’s Perfect is Ballarat National Theatre’s December production directed by Doug Bennett. Doug‘s vast theatrical experience commenced with the Heidelberg Theatre Company in 1974. Since then he has been involved in sixty productions in the capacities of acting, directing and set design.

He was the recipient of the Lyrebird Awards in 2002, 2011, 2012, the Victorian Drama League’s Awards in 2000, 2008, and the Waverly Festival of Theatre Awards in 1991, 1993 and 1988.

His television appearances include popular shows such as Homicide, Division Four, The Sullivans, Neighbours and the Power and the Passion. Doug moved from Melbourne to live in Ballarat in 2015 and with the Ballarat National Theatre he is pursuing his interest in stage design and directing.

In Nobody’s Perfect the central plot involves a male conservative statistician, lacking in confidence, who enters a competition for female writers only under a female pseudonym and wins the prize of having his/her book published with a substantial monetary reward.

As if the resultant subterfuge of the author masquerading as a female is not sufficient fodder for comedy, Williams adds to the fun two relatives who take full and unfair advantage of the deception. There is the wayward teenage daughter who is influenced by an even more wayward grandfather who together successfully milk the situation for their own end.

It is questionable who misleads whom, the granddaughter or the grandfather, or are they both as responsible as each other?

Nobody’s Perfect is a highly amusing and entertaining play that is not to be missed.

The season opens on Gala Night, Saturday 2 December at 7.30pm and ends on Saturday 9 December at 2pm at the Court House Theatre, Federation University, School of Mines Campus, Lydiard Street South, Ballarat.
Tickets can be purchased at Her Majesty’s ticket office , Lydiard Street South, Ballarat or online at http://hermaj.com/whatson/ ballarat-national-theatreseason.