I Pledge: Centre Cr Des Hudson Mayoy of Ballarat with his deputy beside him Cr Belinda Coates and many Ballarat residents supporting White Ribbon Day last Wednesday.

White Ribbon Day National Day to Stop Men’s Violence against Women IN Australia, all women should live in safety, free from all forms of men’s violence. Sadly, this is not the case. On average, more than one woman per week is killed by a current or former partner. This deeply disturbing fact is only one tragic part of the bigger story surrounding domestic violence.

The Australian community is uniting to focus on stopping the scourge of Domestic Violence. White Ribbon, now in its 12th year, asks Australians to take a stand today to end men’s violence against women. This campaign focuses on the positive role men can play to influence the actions of those few men who use violence and break the cycle of violence in society.

Throughout the year and particularly in November, White Ribbon events are held across Australia to educate and raise awareness about men’s violence against women. They reflect the power of the community to drive change. White Ribbon’s mission is making women’s safety a man’s issue too. Men are standing up, speaking out and acting to prevent violence. The prevention work of White Ribbon takes place in schools, workplaces and across the wider community. White Ribbon’s Programs provide the tools to drive cultural change, recognising the vital role of, and actions required by, all men to prevent violence against women.

“White Ribbon applauds communities across Australia uniting on Wednesday 25th November in support of bringing an end to men’s violence against women. These communities represent the critical role of collective action to drive change. It is everyone’s responsibility to make this happen. We need ongoing action amongst our schools, workplaces, sporting clubs and politicians, if we are to become a society committed to respect, stopping the violence and delivering true gender equality” said John Rosewarne, Chair of White Ribbon Australia. Ballarat showed its support last Wednesday at a community event where a large number of people gathered and showed their support for White Ribbon Day and the elimination of violence against women. The event included a non-violence oath swearing and BBQ.