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Afternoon tea with Greens leader Dr Richard Di Natale in Ballarat


GREENS Leader Dr Richard Di Natale will be in Ballarat on Saturday, in the Mechanics Institute, for a public afternoon tea. The purpose of Dr Di Natale’s visit is to give local people access to him, as the new leader of the party who they might not have met before. He is the first Victorian leader of the Greens, as both Bob Brown and Christine Milne were from Tasmania.

Richard was elected to the federal parliament in 2010.

His portfolios include health, multiculturalism, youth, gambling and sport.

Speaking with the Senator, prior to his visit, Dr Di Natale said he was very much looking forward to meeting the local people and hearing the concerns and issues that they are focused on locally. “It is also an opportunity to introduce myself and let people know about my background and my broader long term vision for the Greens and for the Nation more generally,” he said.

“I think it is critical that we take on the issue of economic reform of transforming our economy so that we can start creating jobs for people in indus tries that we know are job rich and pollution free. “My personal background is in health and my commitment is to building a sustainable health system, to invest in health care and regard it as an investment and not simply a drain on resources. “The issue of refugees and asylum seekers is obviously a big issue for us and we’d like to use the Syrian opportunity to make people recognise we can’t turn our back on people who are fleeing terrible conflicts.” The other area that the Greens have been working on is to make sure that medicinal cannabis is treated like other medicines. “It needs to be properly regulated and available to people under prescription. At the moment they do it illicitly and they don’t know what they are getting and risk being prosecuted for accessing what is effective treatment for many conditions.” Dr Di Natale said.

Richard Di Natale will be at the Ballaarat Mechanics Institute (BMI) on Saturday afternoon from 1pm – 3pm for a public afternoon tea and Q+A. Tickets are available from BMI.