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Anthony Schinck Chief Executive Officer of the City of Ballarat


Council votes to reappoint CEO Anthony Schinck

THE City of Ballarat has resolved to implement the decision to re-appoint Anthony Schinck as Chief Executive Officer of the City of Ballarat for a further three years. John Philips, Mayor of the City of Ballarat outlined the decision taken at a Special Meeting of Council on Wednesday 5 August 2015.

The decision was a majority decision of Councillors. “Councillors considered in great detail what is best for Ballarat, our City’s future, and best for our organisational culture. In making this decision, Councillors took account of their close observations of Mr Schinck’s day to day performance in the role over the past years.” “We believe that Anthony’s leadership has helped place Ballarat in an outstanding position, and we want to make sure that the momentum for Ballarat continues.” “In Anthony’s time as CEO he has helped Council deliver some major results for Ballarat.

Examples of his achievements as CEO include: Attraction of $38 million for the Ballarat West Link Road, which will help avert traffic grid lock as Ballarat grows; Delivery of the Ballarat West Growth Zone plans, which will ultimately house 18,000 homes & 40,000 people; Facilitating over 200 days of community events and festivals every year; Introducing the Township Empowerment Program, generating substantial community outcomes; Securing $30 million in funding for the Ballarat West Employment Zone, which will ultimately generate up to 9,000 new jobs and contribute in excess of $5 billion in annual additional economic activity; Completing the Ballarat Strategy, setting the road map for how Ballarat will evolve over the next 25 years; Attracting $31 million for the Ballarat Major Events Precinct which will host AFL matches here in Ballarat; Attracting $25 million in funding for the Ballarat Railway Station precinct; Delivering outstanding financial results year in and year out, enabling Council to redress the maintenance failures of successive previous administrations; Continually evolving the organisational culture of Ballarat Council, and driving rate payer focussed outcomes while reducing staffing costs within the organisation; Establishing Ballarat as the regional economic capital for Western Victoria.”.

“Very importantly, the most recent unemployment figures for the city are sitting at 6.2%, down from a high of 8.9% during the GFC. The figures speak for themselves.” “In short, the CEO has overseen a high growth period in Ballarat’s development that is expected to continue for many years.” “Councillors as a group feel it is vital for our City that momentum is not lost in the pursuit of key projects. This is especially the case given the significant external challenges in securing State and Commonwealth Government funding, attracting further private business investment and competing in the evermore sophisticated and fierce market of regional Australian economies,” said Cr Philips.