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Author awakens the mind to experiences


FORMER Clunes resident, Angie Jorgen, says she is a left wing supporter and this reflects in her writing. Now living in Melbourne with her son Joe, Angie writes about racism, sexism, feminism and is a staunch ally to the LGBTIQ+ community. “My poetry reflects this,” she said.

“I am raising Joe to be kind, considerate, with the hopes that he will be who he wants to be and I have written 8 children’s books all inspired by my little one, each with a social and educational message -gender roles not included.” Angie says she has written poetry ‘ever since I can remember’.

“I was making up twisted fairy tale poems and funny pieces for school assignments etc. but I started writing more seriously through my early twenties and was inspired to publish a book after a very close friend of mine, Mikey, took his own life at age 21, whilst I was living in Brisbane,” Angie explained. “I had become very close with his family and they indeed felt like my own family and I wanted to be there for each of them through their grief and I made mental notes of their most precious recounted memories with Mikey and the last time each of them had seen him alive.

“I made a poem from this and gifted it to the family. It is in my first book, which I dedicated to Mikey.”

That was in 2005. This book is called Eight (Eight and Beyond is the name of Angie’s facebook page, and her etsy store). “I began experimenting more with different styles of poetry in my early 30s and started including many of my strong views on social justice in my pieces, which I then decided to post on a facebook page created in 2015. This page now has over 3700 followers from around the world,” Angie said. “My children’s books came along at about the same time and were inspired by being pregnant with our son. I had always wanted to write educational and positive inclusive message books for children but when I knew Joe was on his way, I got myself organised and just self published. “All of my 9 children’s books are dedicated to Joe and written for all children; the books include 3 books from a letter character learning range that make letters into lovable characters that are trying to find their place in the word and world.

There is a book to teach children to be happy in their differences and how great it is to be unique.

There are books with same sex parents and gender non binary parents but the focus is not on this, it is just the way it is and the story goes on as normal,

“I call these my rainbow books and are always LGBTQI friendly,” Angie added.

“My two most recent books are printed on demand through sales from my etsy store These books are: Some People are Purple (teaching children that all people are worthy, embrace diversity) and Two Homes, written for children who may have parents that do not share a home. The message is that they are loved, equally and much by both parents.