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Winners are always happy as BMS Division 1 team win the 2017 Pennant.

THE season is over in the Ballarat District Bowls Division but Ballarat Memorial Sports (BMS), Division 1 grand final winners against Learmonth, can still be heard celebrating. BMS team manager ‘G.I,’ said after the game, “It’s a premiership that we weren’t really looking at. “We finished on top of the ladder and that surprised us, it really did, and we were looking at opposition teams like Learmonth, a very strong side, and Ballarat East and Mt Xavier – four really strong clubs and fittingly the four strong clubs went into the finals. We finished on top, luckily,”

While they may have finished on top of the ladder, BMS was not the favourite going into the grand final. “Learmonth stitched us up about two weeks ago by about 30 shots and they showed us that they were capable of doing anything, so we had to go home, do a little bit of homework,” G.I. said.

“Once we did that, we got over Mt Xavier by a number of shots last week, we sort of owed them one at the end of the day and we did a bit of homework on this game, too. “When the (grand final) draw came out we could prepare a little bit better then, we knew who we were playing, we knew how they played so we went ahead and played around that and I think it was to our advantage. “Congratulations to Central Wendouree for putting on the day, a big crowd and an enjoyable match.”

Learmonth bowler David Kelly was philosophical after the game and the 7 point loss.

“As someone just said it’s a grand final and someone has to lose and we were out bowled today – they were too good for us in the end,” he conceded. “After winning against them a couple of weeks ago we went in with confidence, but today, on the day, they won three rinks and we only won one rink. “We have no excuses; they were just too good for us on the day.

“They were top team all year, we come from a small country club and did our best but it wasn’t enough today.”

BDBD Chairperson Sandra Chapman congratulated both teams on a ‘wonderful match’.

“It was very exciting and thank you to all the spectators who came today to support your club, well done, it’s great to see you all here,” she said. The win on Sunday will see BMS promoted to the Ballarat-Geelong premier bowls league for next season.