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Baby Driver


Starring Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey

Writer-director Edgar Wright has another winner on his hands with this great action movie. Using a mix of incredible and insane car chases, excellent performances, and a stellar script, Wright really delivers what this story is all about; a twenty something, nicknamed named Baby (Ansel Elgort) who can basically do anything he wants in a car, as long as he’s got his tunes playing on his iPod. With that skill set, Baby becomes a getaway driver for a crew of bank robbers in Atlanta. Wright gets right into the action from the start, showing Baby’s moves as he escapes the police following his team’s robbery, headed by Buddy (Jon Hamm). Baby gets everyone back to the safe house where we meet the brains of the operation, Doc (Kevin Spacey). And we quickly realise Doc has been forcing Baby to do jobs for him since Baby tried to rob him. Doc tells Baby he’s got one more job to do and then they are square. Baby goes back to his life until called upon. During his break between heists he falls for a cafe waitress, Debora and through that relationship, we learn a little more about Baby, how his parents died and why he listens to music all the time. Doc eventually calls and Baby is back on the job and has to go on a brilliant car chase to flee the scene. But when he gets back to the safe house, Doc gives Baby a reality check; he will always be his wheel man. “Baby Driver” has been a passion project of Wright’s for years and it certainly shows. There are some movies where you can see the care put into it, and this movie has it. It is the best car chase movie since Mad Max 3.

Rated MA 15 plus

8 out of 10