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Balladonors Team Retires After Raising $70,408 in 8 Years


ONE of the Ballarat Relay for Life teams will be retiring from the event after 8 years and over $70,000 in fund raising for the Victorian Cancer Council’s appeals. The Balladonors initially entered as part of the 2009 Team Telstra in the event following a number of friends and family being diagnosed with cancer in years prior to the event. Raising close to $2,000 in the first year in one week the team committed to come back in future years. Due to the ongoing change in timing of the Ballarat Relay for Life in 2010 from November to February, the team was not able to commit that year but re-entered in 2011 as the Body and Soul Balladonors raising $9,318.

The Balladonors have won the following awards in subsequent year’s Ballarat Relays for Life:

2012 Best Dressed Campsite

2013 Highest Team Fundraiser ($14,073)

2015 Best Dressed Team

Between 2009 and last weekend’s Relay, the Balladonors have raised $70,408. Team Captain Ian Rossiter said ”We have all been motivated to participate in the Ballarat Relay for Life through our experiences of friends and family being diagnosed with cancer and our desire to improve levels of care, prevention and cures for cancer.” “Our Balladonor team members have worked hard, while making sure our activities have been fun.” This year will be the Balladonors last year and are retiring from the annual event satisfied that they have made a substantial contribution to the awareness and funding of Cancer Council’s programs. As the Balladonors are retiring in 2017, they are this weekend using retirement as their theme for costumes, their campsite and their relay baton.

Fundraising has included the following activities: Girls Night In event, Trivia Nights, Cupcake drives, Sausage Sizzles, Pastie Drives, Book Sales, Assisting in management of aMAZEing Ballarat Orienteering and Ballarat Beer Festival Events. The members now have other work, family, recreational and volunteer commitments that have restricted their capacity to raise funds to the extent of previous years.