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Ballan has Lucas on the ropes up first

Cricket Photo: The battle starts in the Ballarat Cricket Association as Ballan take on Lucas in the first grand final day last Saturday. Wicket keeper for Ballan Mick Nolan leaps high as Kayne Wilson lets a ball pass.

AS the Ballarat Cricket Association District Cricket winds down for season 2015, Ballan and Lucas are jostling for the ultimate prize. Last week the pair ended the battle Ballan 269 to Lucas 193 but the end result is still anyone’s guess. Playing at White Flat under umpires Peter Mann (1) and Peter Stonehouse (2), Lucas won the toss and took to the crease first. Opener, Jay Anderson, made it a quick visit, bowled out for five by David Gardiner. It was up to Mark Gittins, Jake Pring, Kayne Wilson and Nick Young to make the high runs.

Ballan Bowler Jarryd Graham deliverers to Jake Pring of Lucas last Saturday in a four day game.
Ballan Bowler Jarryd Graham deliverers to Jake Pring of Lucas last Saturday in a four day game.

Gittins (38) and Pring (36) brought a bit of stability to the side, while Paul Jones had a shocker time with the bat, out for a duck (lbw) by Zac Graham.

Lucas captain Kayne Wilson (32) and Nick Young (42) managed a 50-run partnership and further bolstered the runs on the board. For Ballan Zac Graham was the outstanding player both at the crease and with the ball. Zac ended the two day game 3-39 and 92 not out.

He was aptly backed by Mick Nolan (49) and Jarryd Graham (36). The reigning premier’s bowlers fought hard to keep the runs down with Ross Waters 3-38 and Andrew Hill 3-46. The four day final resumes on Saturday and with both sides hungry for the ultimate prize, the game is far from over.

Ballarat Cricket Association – Division 1

Round GF

Ballan 10/269 v Lucas 193


J Anderson b D Gardiner 5

B Allan b B Loughnane 17

MA Gittins c R Aquilina b B Loughnane 38

J Pring lbw b H Micallef 36

P Jones lbw b Z Graham 0

K Wilson run out (J Graham, M Nolan) 32

N Young c D Gardiner b Z Graham 42

R Waters c J Graham b Z Graham 0

A Hill c B Loughnane b M Snaith 1

S Barnett lbw b M Snaith 2

R Brookes not out 10

J Jess not out 0

Extras 10

Total 193

Overs 71.4

FOW: 8 (J Anderson) 50 (B Allan) 73 (MA Gittins) 78 (P Jones) 118 (J Pring) 168 (K Wilson) 176 (R Waters) 181 (A Hill) 181 (N Young) 193 (S Barnett)

Bowling: D Gardiner 8.3-4-1-38, Z Graham 17.1-6-3-39, M Snaith 15.4-4-2-31, B Loughnane 17.0-2-2-57, J Graham 6.0-2-0-9, T Connor 4.0-2-0-7, H Micallef 4.0-0-1-14


M Nolan c R Brookes b R Waters 49

M Snaith run out (J Anderson, J Jess) 18

J Graham lbw b R Waters 36

Z Graham not out 92

D Romeo run out (J Anderson) 12

D Gardiner lbw b A Hill 21

MD Loughnane lbw b A Hill 2

R Aquilina st J Pring b A Hill 6

B Loughnane c J Pring b J Jess 11

H Micallef c J Jess b R Waters 6

T Connor lbw b R Brookes 2

Extras 13

Total 10/269

Overs 87.4

FOW: 51 (M Snaith) 74 (M Nolan) 121 (J Graham) 147 (D Romeo) 176 (D Gardiner) 182 (MD Loughnane) 188 (R Aquilina) 219 (B Loughnane) 248 (H Micallef) 269 (T Connor)

Bowling: J Jess 18.0-4-1-55, S Barnett 7.0-0-0-29, R Waters 17.0-4-3-38, R Brookes 14.4-3-1-54, B Allan