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Ballan lifted their game over Burrumbeet

Michael Snaith (Ballan) is out as the ball just grazes the stumps and bowled by Andre Prenc, Burrumbeet.

LUCAS is aiming to have back to back premierships after toppling top of the ladder side VRI Delacombe.

Last year’s premiers will line up against Ballan, who accounted for Burrumbeet, in this week’s grand final in the Ballarat Cricket Association Division 1.

Burrumbeet fast bowler Andre Prenc.
Burrumbeet fast bowler Andre Prenc.

Playing on Dunnstown’s home ground, Lucas easily dispatched VRI by 57 runs. With stumps on Saturday and a run tally of 99, Lucas was sitting comfortable when they resumed the game on Sunday.

VRI batsmen were halted in their run rate with the top score capped at a quarter century and made by Captain James Nichols. Lucas bowlers Steve Barnett, Russell Brookes and Ross Waters, between them, ended VRI Delacombe’s season. In response VRI’s Jeromy Johnston finished with 5/28 but it was the ball of Shawn Wallace that took out top Lucas scorer, Ross Waters. Out at Buninyong Ballan and Burrumbeet had a closer result with Ballan Victorious by 32 runs.

Ballan came forth pulling out all stops with Noel Heafield surpassing the half century and opener Mick Nolan making a respectable 35 before being bowled out by Andre Prenc.

Daniel Romeo (Ballan) waiting on a verdict from the umpire and was out, bowled by Derek Lamb.
Romeo (Ballan) waiting on a verdict from the umpire and was out, bowled by Derek Lamb.

Jarryd Graham was next best with 30 not out. Burrumbeet opening bowler Aaron Wilson was instrumental for his side taking 6-29 off 14.1 overs but the runs could not match the opposition and they were out in 65.3 overs for 122 runs. Ballan and Lucas will do battle next out next week at White Flat. 



Ballarat Cricket Association – Division 1

Round SF

VRI Delacombe 99 def by Lucas 156


R Isbister c R Waters b S Barnett 2

A Jeffrey c J Pring b R Brookes 9

L Thomas c P Jones b S Barnett 0

J Nichols b R Brookes 25

A Wallis c & b R Brookes 2

J Johnston c J Anderson b R Waters 23

D Attard c K Wilson b R Waters 3

L Isbister b R Waters 4

C Egan b R Waters 12

S Wallace not out 11

A Creati lbw b R Brookes 6

J Ryan not out 0

Extras 2

Total 99

Overs 44.1

FOW: 5 (R Isbister) 7 (L Thomas) 21 (A Jeffrey) 30 (A Wallis)

40 (J Nichols) 50 (D Attard) 54 (L Isbister) 79 (C Egan) 82 (J

Johnston) 99 (A Creati)

Bowling: S Barnett 9.0-4-2-26, R Brookes 11.1-2-4-19, B Allan

11.0-3-0-29, R Waters 11.0-3-4-25


J Anderson c L Isbister b D Attard 25

B Allan c R Isbister b J Johnston 6

P Jones c R Isbister b D Attard 8

J Pring c D Attard b J Johnston 5

MA Gittins b J Johnston 18

K Wilson lbw b J Johnston 20

N Young c R Isbister b J Johnston 0

R Waters b S Wallace 35

A Hill c L Thomas b S Wallace 15

S Barnett c R Isbister b C Egan 4

R Brookes not out 6

J Jess not out 0

Extras 14

Total 156

Overs 76.1

FOW: 31 (J Anderson) 38 (B Allan) 40 (P Jones) 48 (J Pring) 81

(MA Gittins) 81 (N Young) 104 (K Wilson) 139 (R Waters) 150

(A Hill) 156 (S Barnett)

Bowling: A Jeffrey 1.0-0-0-3, C Egan 0.1-0-1-0, J Johnston

26.0-13-5-28, J Ryan 13.1-4-0-35, D Attard 8.0-2-2-14, L

Isbister 3.0-0-0-5, A Wallis 8.0-2-0-15, L Thomas 1.0-0-0-8, J

Nichols 5.0-0-0-26, A Creati 4.0-2-0-3, S Wallace 6.0-4-2-9

Burrumbeet 122 def by Ballan 154


M Nolan c b A Prenc 35

M Snaith b A Prenc 16

MD Loughnane c S McCartin b N Martin 0

N Heafield lbw b AJ Wilson 56

D Romeo c S McCartin b DM Lamb 0

Z Graham c ? b DW Mathews 8

D Gardiner c ? b AJ Wilson 0

TJ McGregor c ? b AJ Wilson 0

J Graham not out 30

T Connor c S Godfrey-Roberts b AJ Wilson 1

H Micallef c S McCartin b AJ Wilson 1

B Loughnane not out 0

Extras 7

Total 154

Overs 50.1

FOW: 57 (M Nolan) 57 (MD Loughnane) 59 (M Snaith) 60 (D

Romeo) 121 (N Heafield) 121 (D Gardiner) 121 (Z Graham)

123 (TJ McGregor) 136 (T Connor) 154 (H Micallef)

Bowling: AJ Wilson 14.1-5-6-29, DW Mathews 12.0-3-1-38, N

Martin 6.0-3-1-5, A Prenc 11.0-4-2-25, DM Lamb 5.0-0-0-38,

JT Ritchens 2.0-0-0-15


WA Martin c MD Loughnane b M Snaith 36

S Godfrey-Roberts c M Nolan b N Heafield 12

S McCartin b N Heafield 0

B Powell lbw b D Gardiner 3

DW Mathews b N Heafield 1

JT Ritchens c M Nolan b N Heafield 25

C Giampaolo c Z Graham b D Gardiner 1

B Martin b D Gardiner 2

N Martin not out 23

AJ Wilson c MD Loughnane b B Loughnane 5

A Prenc c MD Loughnane b T Connor 2

Extras 12

Total 122

Overs 65.3

FOW: 17 (S Godfrey-Roberts) 17 (S McCartin) 23 (B Powell)

32 (DW Mathews) 70 (JT Ritchens) 71 (C Giampaolo) 77 (B

Martin) 93 (WA Martin) 111 (AJ Wilson) 122 (A Prenc)

Bowling: T Connor 1.0-0-1-1, N Heafield 19.3-6-4-32, D

Gardiner 17.0-4-3-37, Z Graham 13.0-10-0-14, M Snaith 11.0-

5-1-20, B Loughnane 4.0-0-1-16


M Nolan not out 17

M Snaith not out 14

Extras 0

Total 0/31

Overs 13.0