Home Sport Ballan takes the shield in great style.

Ballan takes the shield in great style.

Ballan had to go back in to bat to score 43 runs. Lucas tried to put up a brave face but it was a struggle as the captain of Ballan starred and had fun with the bowlers, hitting 4s and with sixes all over the place to help take the trophy.

THE bridesmaids have finally walked down the aisle.

After a number of attempts at the premiership Ballan has finally clinched its first title in the Ballarat Cricket Association district division one cricket. Lucas, trying to make it three in a row were outgunned by the Blues who came out fighting on the Saturday and proceeded to systematically go through the Lucas side before notching up their runs. The reserve at White Flat, with supporters from both sides cheering on their respective teams, witnessed some outstanding performances from the bat and ball.

Coach of Ballan caught a long ball at the games end and wanted to show everyone.
Coach of Ballan caught a
long ball at the games end
and wanted to show everyone.

It was a big ask for Lucas entering day three with Ballan on a 76-run lead and with Ballan’s allrounder Zac Graham on fire and going through the Lucas batsmen, the cup slowly slipped from Lucas’ grasp. By the break the blues needed two more wickets and these came courtesy of Ben Loughnane. It was then just a matter of getting the runs on the board and captain Mick Nolan responded on 34 not out.

Ballan Spin bowler Ben Loughnane did a great job for a 14 year old school boy.
Ballan Spin bowler
Ben Loughnane did a great
job for a 14 year old school

With the grand final finished a day early Lucas captain Kayne Wilson congratulated Ballan on their win. “Well deserved, obviously you guys have been a very good team since you have joined the competition,” he said..

For all the supporters who have come and watched, especially the Lucas guys, we really appreciate it’. “The twelve guys that I get to captain every week, I couldn’t be any prouder boys, to get three in a row was our goal, we didn’t quite get there but still I’m proud of the fact you made three, congratulations boys, heads up.”

Blues captain Mick Nolan also thanked supporters and players, adding that those players who were unable to play in the grand final were just as much part of the team as those out on the field.

Captain Mick Nolan is elaited with the finals win and jumps for joy.
Captain Mick Nolan
is elaited with the finals win
and jumps for joy.

We’ve done the hard yards over the past few years and it’s good to see us get a reward,” he said. Ballan fifth year coach, Noel Heafield, was thrilled with the win.

I’m very proud of the boys. We had a dip, a few of the boys were missing but the boys got over the line nicely. “It’s been one of the those depth things, we managed to fill holes where we needed to and it’s a credit to the boys that they have been able to step up to it. “The beauty of what we’ve got is youth and they are locals from Ballan, so they will stay in Ballan and want to play for Ballan.” 2015 has been a very successful one for Ballan who finished runners-up in the BCA Twenty20 and had Noel Heafield win the Bernie Davey Medal as the division one best and fairest.


Ballarat Cricket Association – Division 1

Round Grand Final

Ballan 269 def Lucas 193


J Anderson b D Gardiner 5

B Allan b B Loughnane 17

MA Gittins c R Aquilina b B Loughnane 38

J Pring lbw b H Micallef 36

P Jones lbw b Z Graham 0

K Wilson run out (J Graham, M Nolan) 32

N Young c D Gardiner b Z Graham 42

R Waters c J Graham b Z Graham 0

A Hill c TJ McGregor b M Snaith 1

S Barnett lbw b M Snaith 2

R Brookes not out 10

J Jess not out 0

Extras 10

Total 193

Overs 71.4

FOW: 8 (J Anderson) 50 (B Allan) 73 (MA Gittins) 78 (P Jones)118 (J Pring) 168 (K Wilson) 176 (R Waters) 181 (A Hill) 181 (N Young) 193 (S Barnett)

Bowling: D Gardiner 8.0-4-1-37, Z Graham 17.4-6-3-38, M Snaith 15.0-4-2-30, B Loughnane 17.0-2-2-56, J Graham 6.0-2-0-8, T Connor 4.0-2-0-6, H Micallef 4.0-0-1-13


M Nolan c R Brookes b R Waters 49

M Snaith run out (J Anderson, J Jess) 18

J Graham lbw b R Waters 36

Z Graham not out 92

D Romeo run out (J Anderson) 12

D Gardiner lbw b A Hill 21

MD Loughnane lbw b A Hill 2

R Aquilina st J Pring b A Hill 6

B Loughnane c J Pring b J Jess 11

H Micallef c J Jess b R Waters 6

T Connor lbw b R Brookes 2

Extras 14

Total 269

Overs 83.4

FOW: 51 (M Snaith) 74 (M Nolan) 121 (J Graham) 147 (D Romeo) 176 (D Gardiner) 182 (MD Loughnane) 188 (R Aquilina) 219 (B Loughnane) 248 (H Micallef) 269 (T Connor)

Bowling: J Jess 18.0-4-1-56, S Barnett 7.0-0-0-29, R Waters 17.0-4-3-38, R Brookes 14.4-3-1-54, B Allan 6.0-0-0-25, K Wilson 10.0-4-0-17, A Hill 11.0-1-3-46


J Anderson lbw b M Snaith 3

B Allan c M Nolan b M Snaith 7

MA Gittins lbw b Z Graham 15

J Pring b T Connor 30

P Jones c T Connor b Z Graham 0

K Wilson c N Heafield b B Loughnane 32

N Young c M Snaith b J Graham 15

R Waters c D Romeo b B Loughnane 2

A Hill not out 7

S Barnett run out 0

R Brookes c D Romeo b B Loughnane 0

Extras 7

Total 118

Overs 42.4

FOW: 3 (J Anderson) 12 (B Allan) 42 (MA Gittins) 52 (P Jones)63 (J Pring) 90 (N Young) 110 (R Waters) 118 (S Barnett) 118 (R Brookes) 118 (K Wilson)

Bowling: Z Graham 15.0-6-2-28, M Snaith 7.0-1-2-34, J Graham 8.0-2-1-19, T Connor 6.0-0-1-15, B Loughnane 6.4-



M Nolan not out 34

M Snaith c J Pring b J Jess 6

J Graham not out 3

Extras 3

Total 1/46

Overs 7.3

Bowling: J Jess 4.0-0-1-13, R Waters 1.0-0-0-12, J Anderson 2.3-0-0-21

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