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Ballarat Bowls Season winners Victoria and Buninyong

Premier Division Victoria Bowling Club defeated Geelong City

THE Premier Division Grand Final in the Ballarat District Bowls Division saw City of Geelong make their way to the Sebastopol Bowling Club on Sunday to battle it out with rivals Victoria.

Victoria player Craig Ford said that while he felt he personally played an ordinary game and was disappointed with his performance, the team, overall, played a fantastic game. “It’s nothing like we expected,” he said.

“We have a lot of respect for the City of Geelong, they have been a terrific club and a great bunch of blokes, but it was our day today and we will enjoy it.” It was a team effort for Victoria with all four rinks up, Shaun Clarke’s effort over Craig Elliott was unbelievable; Gerard Bird’s rink was another extraordinary effort, Brown’s rink over Shuttleworth and the same with Cody – overall, across the board a great team performance. Last year Victoria was the bridesmaid to Ocean Grove.

“We got so close, we lost and it hurt so it drove us a bit this year, we wanted to go one better and we’ve done that,” Ford said. “We’ve had two runners up in the last three years, so we wanted to turn it around.”

A CLOSE game in Division One between Ballarat East and Buninyong took place at the Sebastopol Bowling Club in the 2016 grand final on Sunday.

In the end Buninyong was victorious over Ballarat East but not before players had to be recalled after a draw was declared.

Buninyong Skipper Mick Story said they had stuck to their guns and come through.

“That last end was magnificent – I was scared stiff of that last end because I’d stuffed up but we still won the game, that’s the main thing,” he said.

“This is a great club and it’s my first year I’ve been here and I appreciate everyone I have played with and everyone who has helped me out.”

This match was a great spectator game, very close all the way through, coming down to the last few bowls.

“We drew and then we had to play an extra end but that’s what grand finals bowls is all about, there has to be a winner in the end,” Story added.

“Two great sides and we were lucky to get there in the end.

“This is Buninyong’s first win in Division One, we finished fifth last year and we’ve gone that extra step now.”

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