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BHS launches community textile art project


BALLARAT Health Services is delighted to be working with the Sustainable Environment Arts Movement (SEAM Inc) to encourage creativity and community collaboration to take action on climate change.

Last year, SEAM Inc engaged 250 knitters from the community to create the WARM knitted collage artwork.

WARM reflects on why the earth is warming and what we can do to create a sustainable and safe climate future. WARM is made up of two largescale images created by artist Lars Stenberg.

From March to end of August 2016, knitters created nearly 1,000 knitted pieces designed by Georgie Nicolson of tikki and including gum leaves, trees, native flowers, wind turbines and knitted squares. These knitted pieces were assembled and exhibited at the Ballarat Art Gallery, National Wool Museum in Geelong, the Ararat Art Gallery, Off the Rails Gallery, Dunkeld as part of the Woolly West Fest.

BHS will exhibit the WARM artwork in the foyer of the Gardiner Pittard building. The piece provides a warm welcome and brings color, impact and purpose to the relatively new space and emphasizes BHS commitment to the environment.

The collaboration with SEAM Inc. will extend to a new WARM project for our Wellness Centre – an opportunity and space for patients, carers and the community to build relationships and support each other while knitting pieces for the artwork. Knitters of all skill levels within our Grampians region and Victoria would be invited to contribute to the piece.

Knitting provides patients with a way to switch off from a constantly busy mind; the repetitive and gently rhythmic motion promotes a wonderfully relaxing state. Knitting also provides a social outlet and decreases social isolation, a critical element in maintaining mental health.