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Blade Runner 2049


Starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford

It is rare for a film to be better the second time around but this movie definitely hits the mark. The original acquired a cult following 35 years ago on release, and no one will be disappointed with Blade Runner 2049. Denis Villeneuve is probably one of the only directors today who could do justice to Ridley Scott’s classic. Ryan Gosling’s blade runner is a hunter/ destroyer of replicants who goes rogue, a replicant himself? He’s not sure. And what about Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford’s blade runner from the original, back in this sequel? It’s the same riddle all over again. Fans have debated for years about the true nature of Deckard’s character. The question posed in the first “Blade Runner” and again here is: What makes us human? A character says it’s that indefinable something, the soul. The state of replicant technology, much advanced in the 30 years since 2019 (the time period of the first movie) is such that perhaps the concept of soul is outdated.

What separates the two, according to the industrial genius Niander Wallace ( Jared Leto) is the intent on making replicants more than human with the ability to reproduce. This of course is his holy grail. And that’s what drives the story of “2049.” As he believes, he is a replicant’s child and wants to find out at all costs. The movie is a detective story, with Gosling’s blade runner, called K early on and Joe later, trudging the fog-shrouded, rainsoaked streets of oppressively crowded and dingy Los Angeles and environs.

He doggedly digs for clues that might lead him to the rumored child. The chief key, he believes, is Deckard, who went missing 30 years ago. K sets out to track him down. And Harrison Ford almost steals the show in another outstanding performance with his demeanor impassive and his speech terse. The film is visually rich with all those amazing colour tones we remember from the original. And it is sci-fi at its best.

Rated MA 15+ 9 out of 10

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