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BOAA finds permanent headquarters

Photo:Julie Collins BOAA Artistic Director and Andrew Walsh AM CEO/Executive Producer.

BOAA is the Biennale of Australian Art, a free visual arts festival for 2018 and it now has permanent headquarters at 115 Armstrong Street North, Ballarat.

The official launch last Friday was an insight into what BOAA will offer not only artists but the greater Ballarat area. The festival is planned to be held from 21 September – 6 November 2018 but the BOAA team has been in planning for many months.

BOAA Artistic Director Julie Collins said over 150 of Australia’s most innovative artists high profile will be showcased within 50 indoor/ outdoor locations across 6 Art Villages.

Ballarat’s heritage architecture and gardens will be the backdrop for Artist projects from every state and territory. The festival will be 46 day and nights of programming aimed at encouraging over night and multi night stays will also feature complementary live music, food and wine events. “BOAA will attract an audience of 120,000+ who will potentially contribute over 20 Million dollars in economic benefits to the Region,” Ms Collins said. “Our HQ is only 200 metres from the station, and we couldn’t have asked for a better location.

“This is the location for our offices but also the headquarters for BOAA Industries – building a sustainable basis for the event.”

BOAA Industries is about creating a whole lot of different layers that people engage with for the whole year. One part is BOAA Merch, a place where artists can sell their artwork.

“I want every tourist who comes to Ballarat to come here and buy something that is artist made,” Ms Collins said. Other plans include running art workshops and classes and offer services in such things as public art consultancy & planning, technical production, curatorial services just to name a few. There are also plans to make available for hire event equipment and AV and sound equipment and a pop up container bar/café.

These are all aimed at making BOAA sustainable. BOAA is open 7 days a week and is located at 115 Armstrong Street North.