Fr. Constantine Osuchukwu and Federal Member for Ballarat, Catherine King, in the shower bus with some of the donated toiletries.

THE bus providing showers and laundry services for homeless people around Ballarat will be made more efficient with the installation of a diesel generator paid for with assistance from the Federal Stronger Communities Program. Federal Member for Ballarat, Catherine King, welcomed funding of $6000 for the generator, saying it will help the fledgling One Humanity Shower Bus service to grow.

“The fitting of the generator to replace the portable one which is currently used will mean volunteers no longer have to carry the heavy generator to and from the bus,” Ms King said.

“It will also provide greater capacity for water heating and utilisation by people who are homeless. “Ballarat, like many communities, unfortunately has a growing homeless population.
The One Humanity Shower bus has been the initiative of two young men in our community and has attracted significant volunteer support. “While the project is still in its early days it is providing a needed service and this project will increase the capacity of the service to grow,” Ms King said.

One Humanity Shower Bus Committee Secretary Paul Barrett said the bus has been operational for 8 months.

“The diesel generator will be put inside the bus – two reason for that: one is we have a petrol generator which is heavy to lift so there is danger there for backs and things; and secondly, in winter we need heating,” he said. “We want to put in a couple of electric radiant panels in there – it’s quite cold in Ballarat in winter. “They are the two main reasons plus diesel is safer than petrol.”

Shower bus instigator Fr. Constantine Osuchukwu thanked Ms King, adding Ballarat is very lucky to have her in Canberra.
“I think I speak for all of us in the community for your generosity and compassion,” he said.