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CAFS Helping bring Christmas Joy

Nola shields, Allan Joy, Gayle Boschert, Carol Gleeson, Dr Lisa Clinnick, Gillian Freimanis.

AT this time of year when many of us are making plans for the festive season and buying gifts for loved ones, there are many children for whom a home, a safe place, is the most important thing.

For children in foster care homes,this can be a very difficult time.

Child and Family Services Ballarat Inc.

(CAFS), as a major provider of foster care and out of home care to 100 children every night, have been thrilled to receive the donation of 37 stunning handmade quilts for CAFS children in care.

The Spa Quilters from Daylesford have been donating their handmade gifts of love for CAFS children for over 20 years.

The quilts are made with such love and are cherished by the children.

More than just a bedcover, these quilts have provided comfort when home life is unsteady, and years later, many children still have their quilts and look to them when things may not be going right.

Melissa Riddiford CAFS Program Manager of Placement & Support said: “These beautiful quilts mean more to a child than people may know,” “We hear so many stories. There was a ten year old girl who came into care with absolutely nothing. She was given a beautiful quilt and still has it now over 15 years later, at age 25. She said that she treasures it, and wants to pass it down to her children, as a reminder of when she received it and how it made her feel.” “Even when children return to their family, they take their quilts with them they are prized possessions“,Melissa said.

The quilts are beautifully crafted in various sizes and designs to suit different age groups and children. With so many hours of work in each one, this is a tremendous effort.

Melissa Riddiford said that CAFS would like to thank the Daylesford Spa Quilters, and other wonderful donors for their generous contributions at this time of year.

For your opportunity to help bring a smile to a disadvantaged child’s face this Christmas, please drop off a present or donation to CAFS 115 Lydiard Street Ballarat (across from the railway station).

Or call 5337 3333 for more information.

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