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CAFS’ Ludbrook House undergoes a back to the future transformation


CONSTRUCTED from 1913, the iconic Ludbrook House building erected in the mannerist free classical style integrates well into the Lydiard streetscape and has history to boot.

The building was originally known as Irwin’s warehouse, it was owned by William Irwin, one of the city’s main hoteliers who built the neighbouring hotel (later known as the Provincial) the architect was Geoffrey Richards.

Architecturally the building consists of two principal renaissance revival stories of brick and render divided into a series of three identical renaissance revival inspired bays projecting forward, boasting a handsome attic row of Palladian motif square windows.

The base is rusticated with two round arched doorways and two flat arched doorways interspersed with recessed flat arched windows all with keystones.

It was built on the site of an unbuilt temperance hall which was first planned in 1867.

The foundation stone was reinscribed and re-laid.

For a time it was home to the Eureka Brewing Company.

Originally the building presented a facade to Market Street, including windows hoods, cornices and string lines complete with a delivery hoist and door on the central bay of one side.

These details have now been brought back to life with a perforated metal screen that depicts how the building would have looked at this time.

During World War II it was used as a hostel for servicemen.

In 1949 it became St Paul’s Technical School.

It was later renamed Ludbrook House and is currently the head office of Child & Family Services Ballarat Inc. (CAFS).

The site at 115 Lydiard Street North was originally considered for a Temperance Hall.

Prince Alfred laid the foundation stone during his visit to Ballarat in December 1867.

The building was occupied in 1949 by St. Paul’s Technical School and the inscription was changed again.

Child & Family Services Ballarat Inc. (CAFS) took possession of the building in March 1987 from St Paul Technical School (Roman Catholic Trust Corporation).

There have been various modifications to the building over recent years – mainly internal fit out reconfigurations.

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