Horse death and skyrocketing fall rate prompts call for immediate cessation of jumps racing The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) is demanding an immediate cessation of jumps racing after We Frankie fell at the last hurdle and was killed at Casterton yesterday.

Activists say that jumps racing has never been more unsafe than it is now – with the fall rate more than triple what Racing Victoria deemed acceptable in 2010 when the sport’s future was in doubt.

Ward Young, communications manager for CPR said today “In the current state of jumps racing, out of every 10 horses that race, one horse will fall risking his life on the racetrack. The fall rate is three times higher than what Racing Victoria deemed acceptable in 2010 when they introduced key performance indicators to try and make the sport safe.” “If jumps races were held as often as flat races, we would see one horse die at every race meet. It is a shameful state of affairs, and if Racing Minister Martin Pakula does not intervene he is giving a green light to animal cruelty in the racing industry.” “At the very least, we are calling on the Racing Minister Martin Pakula to reinstate the key performance indicators that held jumps racing to a level of accountability. This is an industry that is devoid of accountability the stewards were posting twitter updates yesterday stating that both jockeys were ok, but neglected to mention a horse had just been put down.”

“Three horses have been killed at the hand of jumps racing in 2017 in only two states that still continue the sport – Victoria and South Australia. Meanwhile it has been illegal in NSW for over 20 years.”