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Calling all apron memories!


STITCHING together a love of sewing, baking, and nostalgia the highly successful Ballarat Apron Festival is set to return in 2018 to celebrate all things apron with an exciting, new display in development.

The first temporary exhibit to be developed by the Ballarat Apron Festival, Apron Tales will explore aprons and the people who wore them through the everyday personal stories and memories inherent in them. From the utilitarian to the delicate, the display will use memory to cross cultural and generational divides to demonstrate a piece of cloth can hold many different meanings.

“We are interested in real people and real stories” said BAF Curator Elizabeth Marsden. “So often these utilitarian garments are tucked away and forgotten about and yet they have the power to transport us back in time to a particular person, place or even a favourite food. We want to capture all of that, even the bittersweet”.

The curators are now looking for local contact and encourage anyone with an apron story is to get in contact with the Festival Committee by 17 November 2017.

Connecting with the Ballarat Heritage Weekend (26 and 27 May 2018) the festival will showcase a range of vintage and modern aprons, focusing on their variety and the people who wear them.

The only apron festival in the world, the Ballarat Apron Festival was established in 2013 and is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers who know how to put on an apron and get the job done. Its uniqueness has attracted international interest and is a wonderful asset to the Ballarat community.

Next year’s festival will embrace the theme ‘Technology’ and will feature displays of vintage, modern and competition aprons as well as craft opportunities, a makers market, and the chance to enjoy morning or afternoon tea.

Entries for the Apron Making Competition will open soon, and with interest growing from overseas and interstate, competition for the honour of being named champion apron maker should be fierce!