Last Friday in the Ballarat Police Station 14,000 stars were installed. Pictured are Sgt. Brendan Cosgriff, Mark Goss Stockland Wendouree, Bonnie Taffe, Sally Leslie WRISC and Asha Milne WRISC.

IN 2012 Jill Meagher was raped and murdered in Brunswick. The response to this horrific crime sent shock waves throughout our communities. This crime drew our attention to violence against women on the streets. We also know that women are not safe in their own homes. Family violence statistics tell us that one woman is murdered per week by her intimate partner in Australia. People react to these Statement from Sarah Henderson Member for Corangamite: I am thrilled to announce some wonderful news for Golden Plains communities. Under the Coalition government’s $100m Mobile Phone Black Spots Programme, new mobile phone base stations will be built servicing a large number of towns across the Golden Plains. Coverage along ColacBallarat Road will also be improved.

Communities in and around Golden Plains including Bannockburn, crimes in many ways. One woman Maryann Talia Pau began weaving stars. Now, her movement to increase people’s awareness of violence against all women has spread. Her message has been to shed light on this issue through love not hate by the weaving of one million stars.

An invitation has been extended to everyone to make stars with the goal to create 33,150 3 times 3350 stars (Ballarat’s postcode 3350 times the 3 years of the million stars project) and have these displayed in a public place by December 2015. After they have been displayed they will be sent to Brisbane to help towards a goal of a million stars by 2018.

Last Friday about 14,000 stars dangled from the ceiling of the Ballarat Police Station, which will be relocated to Stockland Wendouree in November WRISC’s Sally Leslie said that she sits at her desk and boxes of stars get delivered to her but many more are still needed. “They just come, it’s amazing,” she said.

“When you get those boxes of stars it’s just beautiful. “People want to make a difference, they want to do something and this is quite simple and brings community awareness.” More information can be found on the local facebook page: 1 million stars to end violence in Ballarat & district. You can help this project by Joining the action group; Promoting the project in your workplace and organising a star making session; Making stars at home; Donating materials or funds (to purchase florist ribbon etc.); Installation; Storing stars; Marketing the project; and Any other ideas to help.