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JEFF McGregor has just returned from the XV Australian Masters Games in Adelaide where he won the 60yrs plus middleweight gold medal with two TKO stoppages. “This is the 4th year I have won the Australian Masters title to go with my recent World Title that I won at the New York Masters Internationals in June,” he said.

“My trainer, Paul O’Brien also competed and won the bronze medal in the 45yrs heavyweight division. Paul lost his final in a split decision where unfortunately his slip was counted as a knockdown. “A big thank you to Neil Robe, Theo Dalmalas and Dan Murnane who were our support team.”

McGregor only took up the sport at age 45, after taking his son to boxing training. “I watched him train and decided to join in – he has now given it away,” McGregor said. “I played football and pro running, in my younger days, and as an ex PE teacher I took up boxing for fitness. “I never thought I’d be boxing at my age, they never had Masters boxing when I took up the sport – it has only been around for five years.” McGregor has won four out of five Australian Masters, the other year he was on an overseas holiday, and also the recent win in New York. “I am now retiring undefeated to concentrate on assisting the other boxers at our Airport Goldfields Boxing Gym,” he said.

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