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Christmas comes early for Geelong youngster at VicRoads Fulton Hogan depot in Geelong


ALTHOUGH Christmas is still over a month away, a special present arrived early for one Geelong youngster at the VicRoads Fulton Hogan depot in Geelong. Elwood Majewski is a three year old autistic boy from Ocean Grove with a love for road signs and road safety. Last week, surrounded by family and friends, Elwood received a guided tour of the VicRoads depot, met VicRoads staff and was presented with two shiny new road signs by VicRoads Manager, Operations, Nigel Powers. “As an organisation we are interested in community and families. So when we heard about Elwood and his keen interest in road signs, we saw it as a genuine opportunity to help,” Mr Powers said. “VicRoads has a major focus on community and road safety and this occasion is an excellent opportunity for us to engage with an enthusiastic young boy and his family. “VicRoads celebrates diversity and it is a pleasure for us to do something special for this little boy,” said Mr Powers.

Elwood’s mother Stephanie Majewski said the tour was a dream come true for her son. “VicRoads has certainly gone above and beyond by helping us get a brand new sign for Elwood’s bedroom wall, and we were thrilled that they offered him a tour of the depot as well.”

The event was hosted by VicRoads and South West Maintenance Alliance Manager, Peter Stringer. The Depot is home to the VicRoads and Fulton Hogan alliance team which, in September, commenced management of a road maintenance and improvement works program in the region worth approximately $40 million per year.

The event concluded with Mr Powers thanking the family for spending some time with VicRoads staff and said he hoped the tour experience would create long lasting memories for Elwood and his family.