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City of Ballarat News 12th October 2017



BALLARAT has once again been announced as a finalist in the Experience Oz – Australia’s Top 10 Major Destinations category.

Last year, the city took out sixth place in the top 10 list, ranking above Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Cairns and the Red Centre.

The cities in the major destinations category have been dubbed as the “bigname travel spots and larger hubs of civilisation that Australia has to offer”, described as flagship spots with a host of unique experiences, each making for an essential visit at least once in any Aussie’s Lifetime.

Visit Ballarat is encouraging all Ballarat locals and ex-pats to again vote for Ballarat at https://www.

experienceoz.com.au/en/ ballarat-top-destinations Visit Ballarat Chief Executive Officer Noel Dempsey said, “Being nominated once again for this award is great accolade for our city. Ballarat is increasingly acknowledged as a must-visit destination for travellers and being nominated alongside some of the country’s finest holiday hotspots is proof of this.

“We encourage the community to get behind the city so we can once again take pride of place on the Major Destinations list.”

State of the Environment Report

THE City of Ballarat has released its 2016/17 State of the Environment Report.

It provides an update on council’s highly diverse range of environmental management activities over the past financial year.

Highlights include: •A kerbside green waste service introduced, with diversion rates of municipal waste to landfill increased from 38 per cent to 50 per cent; •Release of the Ballarat Flood Mitigation Strategy and Miners Rest flooding Planning Scheme Amendment; •A council commitment to develop a carbon neutral strategy and action plan, including a commitment to renewable energy sources; •Savings of more than 1350 gigajoules of energy at council facilities and from efficient LED street lighting; •Savings of 45,750 kilolitres in mains water from water supply catchments; •An extra 0.5 metres of added depth to Lake Learmonth from 2507 megalitres of surface water diversions; and •Release of the biological control agent, the Gorse Soft Shoot Moth, at three locations.

One of the most significant developments was developing a strategy and action plan toward carbon neutrality and 100 per cent renewable energy sources.

Council’s total net emissions are currently 37,988, with key activities of the past year including replacement of two fleet cars with hybrid electric drive, continued migration toward LED street lighting, installation of solar PV electricity systems and improvements to council facilities, and planning for a Waste to Energy interchange site in the Ballarat West Employment Zone.

The introduction of a kerbside green waste service also collected more than 9300 tonnes of green waste and increased municipal diversion rates from 38 per cent to almost 50 per cent.

It also resulted in a reduction of more than 500 tonnes of green waste handled via the transfer station.

There were also 480 reports of illegal rubbish dumping from the community.

Council will be focusing strongly on illegal rubbish dumping in 2017/18 via a number of strategies, including electrical light up message boards, sensor lights and security cameras.

Council has also planted 1849 new trees in our street and inherited approximately 5000 new trees from city growth areas.

Bridge Renewal Projects funded

TWO City of Ballarat bridges have received funding under round three of the federal government’s Bridges Renewal Program.

The City of Ballarat will receive up to $750,000 to replace the Franklin Bridge at Scotchmans Lead while the Pickfords Road bridge replacement at Tourello will be funded up to $155,000.

The Franklin Bridge was built in 1914 and spans the Yarrowee River, which forms part of the municipal boundary between the City of Ballarat and Golden Plains Shire.

Its $1.5 million replacement will be funded with $750,000 from the federal government and $375,000 each from the City of Ballarat and Golden Plains Shire.

The Pickfords Road bridge on Glendaruel Creek is too narrow for safe vehicle travel, particularly large-scale farm machinery, while flood waters have also submerged it several times.

The new structure will be wider and have a greater waterway capacity.

It will be funded with $155,000 each from the Bridges Renewal Program and the City of Ballarat.