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City of Ballarat News 17th August 2017


TWELVE months on from its adoption, the City of Ballarat has provided a community update on the ongoing and successful implementation of the Reflections Project Action Plan 2016-19. The Reflections Project Action Plan 2016-19, was developed in partnership with the Better Outcomes for our Koorie Children’s Network, to increase positive results for local Aboriginal children and their families, by bridging gaps and barriers in early years’ service delivery. In the past 12 months local government, non-government and Aboriginal organisations have worked successfully together to deliver outcomes from the Action Plan 2016-19; aimed at ensuring Aboriginal families feel connected and comfortable accessing services, and looking at ways to make the services more relevant and inclusive. In the past 12 months: • cultural awareness training has been rolled out to early years practitioners, early childhood educational centres and allied health professionals at 14 Ballarat locations (46 in the broader region). The Eureka Community Kindergarten Association helped deliver the training. • Introduction of popular drop-in sessions at Ballarat’s Parent Place to help Aboriginal families access Centrelink, kindergarten enrolment and Maternal and Child Health services.

• Resources/materials developed to help organisations create culturally safe environments for Indigenous children. • Measures developed to monitor how well early childhood services are celebrating and acknowledging Aboriginal culture •Development of a strategy to deliver and promote community activities specifically for young Indigenous families • Ongoing work to identify more ways to engage the Aboriginal community and promote celebrations such as Reconciliation and NAIDOC weeks; improving ways to provide up-to-date information to families through broader networks and social media channels. Ballarat Mayor, Cr Samantha McIntosh says an ongoing focus of Council is to create better outcomes, and more positive and inclusive experiences for Koorie children in our community. The key driver of the Reflections Project is the Better Outcomes for our Koorie Children’s Network; the network has a number of partners including: Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative (BADAC); Central Highlands Family Service Alliance (GHFSA); Department of Education and Training (DET); Victorian Aboriginal Child Care agency (VACCA); Eureka Community Kindergarten Association (ECKA); Local Aboriginal Educational Consultative Group (LAECG); Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association Limited (VACSAL); City of Ballarat; Interested Community Members.

League of Historical Cities

THE City of Ballarat has voted to send Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh and a council officer to the League of Historical Cities board of directors meeting in Turkey next month.

The meeting will be held in Bursa from September 6 to 7, with all expenses except air fares paid for by the host city. The City of Ballarat believes combining Cr McIntosh’s leadership ability with her substantial heritage expertise will ensure Ballarat has excellent representation at this highly esteemed event. Development and Planning Director Angelique Lush said attendance at the League of Historical Cities board meeting provided economic and social benefits. “Since joining in 1998, Ballarat has established important international connections including friendship city arrangements within China, and direct trade and investment opportunities for Ballarat businesses exporting to the world,” Ms Lush said. “In addition, Ballarat has provided leadership regarding how to embrace the opportunities in heritage to support growth and prosperity.” The League of Historical Cities also provides the opportunity to create new economic and trade partnerships, discuss leveraging economic, social and cultural benefits from heritage assets and encourage new community-led approaches to change management. The League of Historical Cities was established in Kyoto, Japan, in 1987 with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experience between historic cities. By June this year, the League of Historical Cities’ membership includes 113-member cities from 64 countries and regions.

Ballarat joined the League of Historical Cities in 1998 and has played a key role since 2006, hosting the 10th World Conference and being elected to the Board of Directors. It is also one of only three Australian cities to be accorded membership. At the 14th League of Historical Cities conference, Ballarat established an important sister-city relationship with the Yangzhou government in China.

Live Music Strategic Plan

THE City of Ballarat believes the live music culture of this region is a huge asset. Ballarat was one of the first Victorian regional councils to develop a Live Music Strategic Plan, capitalising on strong community interest in live music and live music enterprises. The 2016-2021 Live Music Strategic Plan has several aims including: • Empowering musicians and music enterprises to develop, innovate and collaborate; • Minimising regulatory burdens on musicians and music enterprises; • Embracing a rich diversity of vibrant live music, across genres, communities, ages and contexts; • Providing a regional destination for major music performances of high quality and related events which generate local excitement and cultural tourism; and • Using live music to foster self-expression, personal development and wellbeing for people of all ages. The City of Ballarat’s aim is to enable and encourage live music in the region, not disassemble it. Therefore, information reported earlier this week that one live music venue was closing partly due to increased council regulation is incorrect. Babushka Bar in Humffray Street North received both a planning permit and registration under the Food Act in 2009.

Since then, the City of Ballarat hasn’t asked for any additional regulatory requirements. Council’s last inspection of the site was in November 2016 and only some minor operational issues were noted and satisfactorily followed up.

Council has not had any complaints from surrounding and adjoining neighbors nor any general member of the public so the facility is not under any compliance or enforcement requirements. The City of Ballarat believes a healthy local live music scene indicates a region can sustain entrepreneurial creative industries, has strong social capital and is culturally vibrant.

The local live music experience remains unique, and there is a clear mutual benefit in working together to achieve a strong music culture and economy in Ballarat.