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City of Ballarat News 31st August 2017


IN February 2017, the City of Ballarat Grants Policy was approved to replace previous sponsorship and funding arrangements.

The policy provides a more streamlined, transparent, consistent approach for the large range of community groups and organisations seeking funding for programs, events, products and services.

It also ensures recipients can deliver quality programs, events, products and services which are of great benefit to Ballarat and bring a wide range of social, environmental and economic returns.

There are 12 categories groups and organisations can apply for funding under, though only four are currently open for applications. Since February, the City of Ballarat has also provided $299,066 to community groups and organisations under the grants program, which is a significant investment in a wide range of local events and programs. At its ordinary council meeting last Wednesday night, the council approved funding for three events. The 2018 Ballarat Beer Festival received $16,600 due to proposed changes the council believe will grow tourist numbers and allow the event to achieve sustainability. This includes a move from the City Oval to the banks of Lake Wendouree.

The 2017 SpringFest Market received $10,000 based on its strong contribution to the Ballarat economy and impressive community participation numbers.

The inaugural 2017 Ballarat Frolic Festival received $5800 due to its alignment with council objectives and its potential for growth. Applications by Run Ballarat and the Ballarat Cycle Classic were not approved due to their fundraising nature and their success in generating significant profit. It is believed the operation of each event will not be significantly affected by the decision to not provide public funding.

However, council will continue to provide in-kind support through infrastructure provision such as street signage and traffic control measures.

City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh said the grant program was aimed at getting the best value for Ballarat ratepayers’ money from events and festivals.

“These applications are judged on creating new opportunities for the Ballarat community as a whole,” Cr McIntosh said. “City of Ballarat is proud to provide Run Ballarat and Cycle Classic in-kind support for these longstanding, successful events. “Both have raised considerable funding for the Ballarat Base Hospital and the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute over their 10 plus years of operation, with Run Ballarat planning to raise $256,000 this year alone. “Since it began a decade ago, the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute has raised $1.6 million. “However, the City of Ballarat feels it’s time to also support new and evolving events that bring economic, social and tourism benefits to the whole town, and which receive very little funding from other areas.”

SOS Community Education Day

THE City of Ballarat will host an SOS Community Education Day at the opening of the Delacombe Town Centre today from 9am to 4.30pm.

The day will feature information on fire, flood and storm safety, home security, potential gas and electricity concerns and preparing for emergencies, including keeping cool during heatwaves and road closures during emergencies. There will also be information on home fires, barbecue and heater safety, controlled burning, emergency insurance and Triple Zero. Representatives from the CFA, SES, Crime Stoppers, Victoria Police, Triple Zero, Red Cross and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning will be available on the day.

The City of Ballarat hosts the event to help the community be prepared for fire season and other emergencies.