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City of Ballarat News 5th October 2017


Council adopts Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021

AT its Ordinary Meeting last week, Ballarat City Council adopted the City of Ballarat Domestic Animal Management Plan 20172021 and resolved to support an investigation into existing and proposed offleash areas.

The City of Ballarat developed the Domestic Animal Management Plan 20172021 following an extensive community consultation period over the previous 12 months.

Feedback from the community contributed to the developmental phase of the plan, with the newly-adopted plan to provide a greater strategic approach for domestic animal management practices throughout the municipality, as well as act as a strategic framework to drive policy direction over the next four years. The plan sets out the City of Ballarat processes and practices for the next four years, and includes: •Developing community education of responsible pet ownership, and effective control of dogs in public places to reduce public and environmental nuisances •Free initial registration on adoption from the City of Ballarat Animal Shelter •Encompassing effective management of dogs and cats through desexing programs and identification through microchipping •Training of authorised officers in aggressive dog handling, investigation of dog attacks, animal behavioural recognition and livestock handling

•Maximise the numbers of registered dogs and cats in the Ballarat municipality •Minimising the harmful effect of domestic pets on the population of native birds, mammals and reptiles It is a requirement of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 the City of Ballarat prepare and adopt a Domestic Animal Management Plan every four years. A copy of the Ballarat Domestic Animal Management Plan 20172021 can be found online at ballarat.vic.gov.au

Embracing a whole new world

LEGAL firms without lawyers, medical practices without doctors and office buildings created in 24 hours by 3D printers – farfetched propositions consigned to the distant future – not according to Urban Futurist Stephen Yarwood. In fact Mr Yarwood, who describes himself as a technological inevitablist, says change through technology is inevitable. “We have only touched the tip of the iceberg and I am not sure that we understand how quickly change is coming,” he said. “We already know that computers can provide a legal opinion to 90% accuracy; lawyers have an accuracy rate of 75%. At present medical advice can only be provided by a doctor. Given our escalating obesity and heart disease epidemics surely we have to rethink this and find a more effective way to make our society happier and healthier.” An international consultant on the relationships between technology, infrastructure, society and quality urbanism, Mr Yarwood is a key note speaker at the National Economic Development Conference to be held in Ballarat, Victoria, in October. At the conference, which will explore the themes ‘Productivity and Its Importance to Prosperity’ and ‘Bold and Brave risk taking and tackling new initiatives in innovative and revolutionary ways’, Mr Yarwood will challenge attendees to consider the move from smart homes to smart streets to smart cities, the relationship between these and how cities will work into the future. A former Lord Mayor of Adelaide, an international consultant and well-known and highly respected urban planner, Mr Yarwood is excited about the role technology will play in the cities of tomorrow. “I am fascinated by the disruptions that are coming and what our cities will look like in years to come,” he said.

“Technology is coming and with it a changing economy that will offer different opportunities and constraints. The onus is on Local Government and entrepreneurs to embrace the changes and the new economies and to take a creative approach to regulating and empowering the changes.”

City of Ballarat CEO Justine Linley said with speakers of the calibre of Mr Yarwood, the 10th annual NEDC will inspire attendees to be innovative, embracing, exploiting and adaptive when facing the challenges of a rapidly changing world. “The speakers at the conference will challenge and enlighten delegates.” Economic Development Australia chair Mark Holdsworth said the conference would focus on topics that were important to business and to the future of Australia and would provide a great learning experience. For more information about NEDC2017 and to register, visit www.nedc2017.com.au

Traders set to benefit following decision to adopt new Ballarat Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy

IN July, the City of Ballarat asked the Ballarat community to share their thoughts on a new Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy which aims to encourage more dining and vibrancy on the city’s streets. The City of Ballarat developed the final Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy (formerly known as the Footpath Trading Policy) following the extensive consultation period with local traders and residents. Of the 140 responses received from local traders during the development phase of the policy, more than 80 per cent believed outdoor dining and trading added significant value to Ballarat’s streetscapes. An additional 13 submissions were received during a community consultation phase in July, with submitters strongly agreeing the policy provided flexibility for traders to implement innovative designs for outdoor trading areas. The final Outdoor Dining and Trading policy was formally adopted by Councillors at Wednesday night’s Council Meeting. The policy will improve the permit application process and implement a new fee structure, giving traders greater clarity around operating and maintaining their outdoor dining and trading areas.

Key changes to the existing policy and application process are:

•A new fee structure that incorporates a one-off application fee of $200 for Outdoor Dining Permits •A three-year expiry date for all Outdoor Dining Trading Permits, requiring traders to renew and pay for permits only once every three years •A streamlined permit application process that is clear and easy to understand •A simplified policy document which provides traders with greater clarity around operating and maintaining their outdoor dining and trading areas •Flexibility to create innovative outdoor dining and trading areas

The City of Ballarat recognises the important role street dining and trading plays in adding life and activity to the city’s streets. The adoption of the new Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy will help support traders in implementing infrastructure for outdoor dining and trading, contributing to a more vibrant Ballarat. The policy also supports the delivery of the Ballarat CBD Strategy and in making Ballarat look and feel like the capital of the Western Victoria.

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