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Close your Eyes


No wonder Michael Robotham’s thrillers hit the best seller lists all the time. He certainly knows how to write a gripping yarn, and that is what devotees of this genre truly want. This latest one is no exception. Indeed its dramatic climax is the most exciting he has yet written, even if it is followed, again, by the unexpected. Joe O’Loughlin, clinical psychologist, is back again, and fans will welcome his return, as he thinks constantly outside the square, as he helps the police in their inquiries. This time the solving of the brutal murders of a mother and daughter. “It was never going to be confused with robbery. Instead the killer was laying a false trail, trying to complicate, or confuse, or muddy the water.” And this is exactly what the author is doing. The reader becomes confused too, as more murders take place. The use of a knife to carve the letter ‘A’ on the foreheads of the victims simply adds to Joe’s confusion, and to the readers’. What possibly could be the connection, and where on earth would the perpetrator have selected his targets, if they were indeed all adulterers? The conclusion is that Joe and his helper, Ruiz , are “looking for a common thread between at least seven victims from different areas, different jobs, different ages.” Several needles in several haystacks? When Joe decides to take a different tack altogether, he endangers his daughters, at the same time as his ex-wife is having surgery. The plot thickens, the dilemma becomes ever more difficult. The narrative is written in the first person from Joe’s several angles, and again from the perspective of the traumatised killer, who has never come to grips with his mother’s bizarre death, and has allowed it to colour his every action.

Definitely edge of the seat story, and writing, so that the method behind all the madness is finally resolved to the reader’s utter satisfaction and sorrow.


PUBLISHED by SPHERE for a recommended $29.99