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Club Sailing weekend with Ballarat Bertie and the Wooden Boats

Father and son team Hugh and Tom McKee sailing wooden boat Twilight Zone.

By Quinton Wilkinson SATURDAY the 18th March saw the sailing of the annual Ballarat Bertie Sharpie Trophy on Lake Wendouree, a competition going back to the 1970s. These lightweight sharpies are extremely fast, have a three man crew and an immense sail area and in the light winds unfortunately only managed to get two races in. Peter Coburn on Black Boat won the trophy. Also a group of wooden boat enthusiasts came up from Melbourne to show off their beautifully restored craft. The Sail Fish, probably the fore-runner of lasers, were up and brought with them four boats; one of them, CROCODILE, sailed by none other than Ballarat’s Peter Coburn in the 1980s winning state finals held on Lake Wendouree. A great reunion. In fact the pictures on the boat, painted by Peter, are still there. Peter Flynn was in attendance, having sailed a sailfish, and Jack Carrol, one of the original designers was in attendance. Also in the wooden collection were two heavyweight sharpies from 1930 vintage and a VJ.

Although light winds, they took to Lake Wendouree for a sail.

That afternoon was also the weekly racing for all classes of the Ballarat Yacht club. Starting in light winds at 5 to 8 knots the race had to be shortened due to no wind and any Boats could not finish

A great effort was made by Eric Johnson sailing Chardonay, who won both the Scratch and Handicap in the Jubilee class, The results as follows: JUBILEE SCRATCH :1st Eric Johnson sailing Chardonay, 2nd Chris McRoberts sailing Balcombe Bay 3rd Charley Weatherly sailing scorpion, 4th Ed Phillips sailing Lady Hamilton, 5th Red Leg sailed by Russel Hawkes 6th Sapphire sailed by Michael Blythe and 7th was Wayne Lodge sailing Arctic Tern. HANDICAP JUBILEE :1st Eric Johnson sailing Chardonay 2ndChris McRoberts sailing Balcombe Bay, 3rd Charley Weatherly sailing Scorpion , 4th Sapphire sailed by Michael Blythe, 5th Ed Phillips sailing Lady Hamilton 6th Wayne Lodge sailing Arctic Tern , 7th Red Leg sailed by Russel Hawkes

MISCELLANEOUS Scratch : 1st Avanti Anache sailed by Michael Morrow 2nd Polari sailed By Mal Willis , 3rdTwilight Zones sailed by Hugh Mckee, 4th Wild flower sailed By Paul Crosbie, Pacer 16 sailed by Will Ussler 6th No Name sailed by Chris Bailey M I S C E L L A N E O U S HANDICAP : 1st Pacer 16 sailed by Will Ussler, 2nd Avanti Anache sailed by Michael Morrow, 3rd Wild flower sailed by Paul Crosbie,4th Polaris sailed by Mal Willis, 5th Twilight Zone sailed by Hugh McKee, 6th No Name Laser 52 sailed by Chris Bailey