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Coaches Meeting

Steve Glasson, Australian Head Coach with Sebastopol Coach Ian Andrew.

RECENTLY Sebastopol Head Coach Ian Andrew attended the January Bowls Australia Camp at Broadbeach Bowls Club with the Commonwealth Bowls team.

There are only twelve Advanced Coaches in Australia and only three were invited to attend the week long training camp coaching, player meetings, taking drills and one on one meetings with Australian Coach Steve Glasson.

On day one, after a welcome and meeting of players, coaches and support staff, the players took to the greens against Broadbeach, led by World number one Ryan Bester.

Following play they had a meeting with coaches, including Ian, to study the games played.

The next day and early meeting was held with result and improvements for those days’ games.

“My position was to analyse and report on improvements from the previous days play,” Ian said.

“On day three four games Coaches Meeting were played including a night game. It was the best days play for the week with all players on the mark with most bowls; different tactics were used for the last game with great success.

The following day we had a drill session and I had the pleasure of assisting players with their personal drills followed by a session on the green with some of the players as well as meeting with Steve Glasson for one hour discussing the weeks coaching and improvements gained.” Ian added it had been a privilege to be part of the camp, the steep learning curve has assisted in his coaching goal to join the next level of coaching, a National Training Coach.

“The National Training Coach is a position to join the group of coaches under head coach Steve Glasson, the position will not be made until after the Commonwealth Games in April,” Ian said, who will be attending the next training camp in February.