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Come and try racquetball

Ian ‘Kiwi’ Forrester in action. Photo Mark Squire.

RACQUETBALL, from the family of the squash game is growing in popularity worldwide.

Considering the benefits that come from playing Racquetball it is easy to see why; an indoor racquet sport with options to play from one person up to four players on a court at any time.

It is an excellent cardio vascular sport that places strong emphasis on both mental and physical fitness. In an increasingly sedentary world, where most people now work behind a desk, it is increasingly important to keep yourself moving, but with the time pressure of modern life, it can be hard to fit in a good fitness regime, this is where the sport of Racquetball comes in. Racquetball is a great cardiovascular sport where you can see excellent fitness results without having to spend hours a week doing it.

It can be considered to be a form of HIIT NEAR perfect winter racing weather for round 6 of the EUROPA Cafe W.A.R.S. a 46 kilometre handicap on the Mt Misery reverse circuit. The top and tail of the race was shallow in numbers. Graeme Parker was the lone Limit rider (24 minutes) and once again put in a brave showing only being caught in the last 3 kilometres. Tim Canny was the lone Scratch rider and he time trialled his way around the course in Fastest Time. Second Scratch (2 minutes) riders Brendan Schiemer and Dean Wells welcomed Lindsay Burgoyne back into (High Intensity Interval Training), as it involves a lot of very fast speed changes in a small amount of time. This type of training has been shown to be excellent for both fat loss and general health but can be very boring to do on a treadmill. By playing a cardio based game you are getting all of the health advantages of high intensity running but you are doing it in a much more enjoyable way.

This is often one of the hardest things that people face with an exercise program, the motivation to continue on with it once you have started.

By playing a sport like Racquetball you add in the enjoyment factor of ‘playing’ into your exercise regime. Whether

you are just playing with friends, or you have joined up to play in friendly competition, you now have the added benefit of a social aspect which can be great for you motivation.

Most racquetball clubs will have both competition play and just social play.

The Ballarat Squash and Racquetball Centre in Wendouree also welcomes groups of friends or sporting groups to come in and have some fun.

Racquetball is a very easy game to get the hang of and you will start to enjoy it almost immediately without needing a lot of training.

It is a good way to get involved with indoor racquet sport and a great way to lead into squash. Racquetball is easier on the joints than squash, particularly if people are carrying extra weight and is easier to pick up and is great for beginners and experienced players alike. All in all Racquetball is an excellent sport for all people, whether you are in an office job and trying to keep fit, someone looking to lose a bit of weight, or an athlete looking to build strength, endurance and agility.