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Crafts Council of Ballarat held their Annual Winter Exhibition

Crafts Council of Ballarat President, Liz Cocks, with guest speaker Vida Pearson, a renowned artist and print maker in her own right.

THE Crafts Council of Ballarat held the launch of their Annual Winter Exhibition, on Saturday afternoon, with the theme ‘Celebrate 25 years at Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage’.

The conservatory in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens was decked out in a large and unique variety of arts and crafts, which were greatly appreciated by the large amount of people – some there for the launch but also a large number of visitors.

Crafts Council President Liz Cocks welcomed those relationship violence and abuse. The program comprises of a 35-minute play followed by a panel discussion with local experts from the community. The one male actor portrays five different male characters dealing with and responding to domestic violence or sexual assault.

Through gentle, non-blaming dialogue, the play acknowledges the complexities of dealing with domestic and sexual violence but clearly spells out for the audience, the present and introduced local artist/printmaker, Vida Pearson, who launched this year’s exhibition. Ms Pearson is well known for combining her love of bird watching, photography and travel into her work. She congratulated all the craftspeople on their magnificent work, adding that she considered herself a craftsperson, as well. “There are people here with incredible skills,” Ms Pearson said.

“I have exhibited a lot over my career and have a lovehate relationship with exhibitions. “They are very scary things. People who are exhibiting here today probably are saying things like what will people think? You have to be incredibly courageous, I think, to put your work in front of the public.” Ms Pearson added that as we rely more on technology to do and make things, using our hands to create is more important than ever. “They will never be lost, because people need to do things, and it’s important to have groups like the Crafts Council that are out there promoting those skills and keeping them alive,” she concluded.

The exhibition will be open until June 18, 2017 from 9am – 4.30 pm. More members work is available in the Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage which is located in the gardens (follow the signs). All items are handmade, with an abundance of gift ideas including paintings, baby’s clothes and toys, scarves, hat and gloves, T shirts, woodwork and jewellery.

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