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Have you met Hanne Wilhelmsen previously? She is a really smart crime investigator, and Anne Holt, Norway’s top crime writer has been writing about her for some time. In fact this is the fifth book featuring her interesting character. If you know if her you will want to learn about the “dead joker”, and if you have not, this is a good place to start. You will have missed a lot of course, because Holt has moved her career and her life on in each successive book.

This time there is tragedy awaiting her private life, about which Anne Holt writes in a most sensitive manner, so don’t be afraid of that aspect of the narrative. This time the wife of Chief Prosecutor has been murdered in a most brutal fashion. He himself comes under instant suspicion, because there seems no other explanation. Hanne is not convinced that he is guilty, though she will find it enormously difficult to prove, even with the help of her old workmate, Belly T. But could there be a breakthrough? Again in Oslo, a well respected journalist is killed in the same manner . ere they looking at linked crimes? And if so, would one event reveal the perpetrator of the other? Even from this brief summary, you can understand why Anne Holt is so admired. The solution carries with it some consequences. “What have we done to you?” Hanne Wilhelmsen whispered ………. The man twisted away, convulsed with sobs, as he pressed his elbows into his body and lowered his head. “What have we done to you and your family?” Inaudibly this time. She was directing the question at herself.”

DEAD JOKER has a good deal of violence in it, but it is definitely vintage Anne Holt, so read it for yourself, and come to you own conclusions. Holt was once the Minister of Justice in Norway and it shows.


PUBLISHED by COIRVUS for a recommended $29.99