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Deësis: Prayer and Image

Art Gallery Director: Gordon Morrison with Icon painting.

AN exhibition that is currently on view at the Art
Gallery of Ballarat – Deësis: Prayer and Image – is
made up of work that was all donated to the gallery
in the last six months.
Gallery Director Gordon Morrison said it is an entire
show of Russian icons that date from the end of the
16th Century to the middle of the 19th Century, with
the exception of one Ethiopian icon, as well.
“It’s a beautiful selection of Russian Orthodox religious
images and it’s a very comprehensive group,”
Mr Morrison said.
“We are just thrilled the way they have come out
looking in this space.”
Mr Morrison added his next task was to write a catalogue.
“The text is all there but we have been so busy we
haven’t been able to publish that yet. But that is
something that will come out in the next month or
so,” he said.
“I have always had a personal interest in icons; my
grandmother was an icon painter in Poland, many
decades ago, so it is something, in terms of my family,
that is an important thing.
“They are a really central part of spirituality of eastern