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Dirty Grandpa


Starring Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron

Directed by Dan Hazer of Borat and Bruno fame and shame, Dirty Grandpa acknowledges that perhaps the Jackass crew are at the end of their franchise with this latest effort. Regulars will be familiar with Knoxville’s Irving Zisman persona, and the theory that you can get away with anything if you’re disguised as a lecherous, liver-spotted old coot. Remember what Shane Crawford did on the footy show last year.

This latest in the Jackass series is as bad as the previous lot. Unless you really enjoy smutty movies. Robert De Niro again tries to be funny with his gruesome attempt at comedy but again falls flat and Zac Efron gets his laughs from the crude humour that this generation movie is all about. De Niro plays the aptly named Dick, a recent widower desperate for one last fling. Cajoling his clean-cut soontobe-married grandson Jason (Zac Efron) to drive him to Florida, he is soon partying with a crop of college graduates, including Aubrey Plaza’s nigh-on nymphomaniac. With this saucy septuagenarian masquerading as a college professor he and Jason arrive in Daytona Beach, where the parties are wet’n’wild with lots of crack-smoking, granny-kissing hedonism.

To be fair, there are some funny scenes, not least the aftermath of one shebang that sees Jason left naked by the ocean, with offensive tattoos inked on his head and angry parents in the vicinity. Efron has a good knack for physical comedy and he does get the laughs. Aubrey Plaza plays a nigh-on nymphomaniac college graduate in the film. She is as active as one would expect. The final act has to go and spoil everything, with Jason having second thoughts about his impending marriage and Dick wanting to make up for his own shortcomings as a father. Many of the pranks are funny, putting lewdness and prosthetic body parts in places they’re really not supposed to go, such as funeral parlours, child beauty pageants and, most memorably, an AfroAmerican “ladies night”. But overall Dirty Grandpa winds up losing the courage of its gross-out convictions. Offensive in all the wrong ways.

Rated MA 15 plus 3 out of 10