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Draft Council Plan 2017-2021

Not many missed the morning breakfast for the City’s briefing:

THE Draft Council Plan 2017-2021 has been launched to a broad range of key stakeholders including community, business and not-for-profit leaders, and members of parliament. The plan is a strategic document outlining what the City of Ballarat will do to help achieve Council’s and the community’s vision of Ballarat as a proud city that is bold, vibrant and thriving. The plan describes Council’s priorities and outcomes for its four-year term and how these will be resourced.

It will also help reinforce Ballarat’s position as the capital of Western Victoria over coming decades. In comparison to previous years, Council Plan 20172021 is a streamlined document that will provide a clear, easy to understand and overarching vision, mission and purpose as well as goals, priorities, outcomes, progress measures, and key facts and figures. The plan has been divided into four goals: Liveability: Improve the quality of life for our community Prosperity: Advance our economic position as the capital of Western Victoria Sustainability: Protect, maintain and enhance our built and natural assets Accountability: Provide strong and decisive leadership, and transparent governance.

Infrastructure delivery, efficient service provision and job creation for a growing population are central to the plan, which has been developed in an environment of rate capping and cost shifting. High on the agenda is a CBD renaissance including attracting 1000 jobs to the Civic Hall site and master planning for a renewed Bakery Hill precinct. Council will work within its budget parameters to continue the momentum of big vision projects like the Ballarat West Employment Zone, the emergency services hub at the Ballarat Airport and the redevelopment of the Civic Hall. The plan is ambitious but sustainable.

It provides the information required to ensure the City of Ballarat secures its share of state and federal funding. Council will continue to work to strengthen its relationships with governments and other important stakeholders across the community, industrial, business and not for profit sectors to achieve big picture plans not just for Ballarat but for the region and the state. Headline Projects By 2021 Council Will Aim to Have…

• 1000 public service jobs in the Civic Hall Hub Precinct • Bakery Hill Precinct unlocked and redeveloped • $400 million invested in the Ballarat West Employment Zone • Secured a City Deal for Ballarat

• Transformed our entire library network into digital learning hubs

• Completed the regional Ballarat Basketball and Events Centre

• Eureka Stadium recognised as a boutique, national sports and entertainment precinct

• Completed the Ballarat Link Road to the Glenelg Highway

• Ballarat known as a Smart City with an innovation hub, smart parking and integrated waste system

• An Aviation Emergency Services Hub operating at the Ballarat Airport • Ballarat known as a regional leader in shared services development and provision

• Completed multiple renewable energy projects reducing reliance on the grid

The Council Plan is underpinned by the Ballarat Strategy, which is a plan for our city until 2040 that outlines the community’s vision of a greener, more vibrant and connected Ballarat.

The Council Plan is an important document that drives everything the City of Ballarat does over a fouryear period.

It sets the vision, priorities and outcomes for Council’s term and it lists how progress will be measured. The plan guides Council’s annual budget, which determines the projects, services events and other initiatives that will be funded and delivered in the upcoming financial year. Each year, the community has opportunities to have its say on Council’s proposed funding.

Council is held accountable for its progress on the Council Plan’s outcomes through the City of Ballarat’s Annual Report. Council’s delivery of the Council Plan ultimately contributes to the community’s vision highlighted in the Ballarat Strategy. How is the Plan Being Developed? In 2016 Council consulted with the community and City of Ballarat employees.

The contribution has helped the newly-elected Councillors set their direction for the next four years. Based on the feedback, Councillors have devel oped their Draft Council Plan 2017-2021 and before preparing the final plan are now returning to the community and other stakeholders to ask, have we got it right?

The Draft Council Plan will be available for public comment until 9am on Monday 1 May 2017.

Council will consider all submissions and a revised plan, along with the Draft Budget 2017/18, will go to a Council Meeting on Wednesday 10 May 2017. The community will then have a final chance to have its say on the Draft Council Plan along with the Draft Budget 2017/18 until Monday 12 June 2017. Those who make a formal written submission will have an opportunity to present at a Council Meeting on Wednesday 14 June 2017.

Council will consider all submissions and will formally adopt the Council Plan and Budget on Wednesday 28 June 2017. How do I Have My Say? The Draft Council Plan 2017-2021 will be available to view from Monday 3 April 2017:

In person at the City of Ballarat’s Customer Service Centre, 25 Armstrong Street South; Town Hall, Sturt Street

Online via the City of Ballarat website, www.ballarat.vic.gov.au

Feedback must be received by 9am on Monday 1 May 2017.

“The Council Plan 20172021 is a responsible plan that will leave the next Council well positioned to take this city forward; ideally placed to continue the work we will do to manage growth, build great infrastructure, create jobs and deliver services,” City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh said. “This Council is determined to welcome growth and show regional leadership while retaining and enhancing the things that make Ballarat unique and special: our heritage, our pride and our spirit of innovation. “This Council has developed a plan that dreams big, while living within its means as determined by the budget parameters.”