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Eco Spirituality Retreat at BudjBim

Father Constantine Osuchukwu and Hedley Thomson will be conducting the retreat.

By Fiona Watson IN a society that appears to be turning away from established religions, people are still seeking meaning to their lives and are often finding it through spirituality.

The Anglican Diocese of Ballarat has embraced the broad concept of eco-spirituality, bringing together environmental and community issues alongside a spiritual dimension, which is not of necessity a Christian perspective.

A week-long Eco- Spirituality Retreat will be held in October at BudjBim, an internationally recognised indigenous cultural area in south western Victoria. The Retreat will explore issues around current environmental impacts, ecology and environmental management along with deeper spiritual and personal issues that are shaping the world today.

The Anglican Bishop of Ballarat, the Rt Rev Garry Weatherill, is familiar with eco spirituality, as he was the initiator of similar workshops in South Australia, prior to his appointment as Bishop in Ballarat.

“Our community is wonderfully diverse, with different religions, and divergent opinions.

For many people orthodox religion is not for them – as we have seen from the results of the 2016 Census. However, I believe that many people are seeking a sense of belonging in order to contribute to their community in a meaningful way,” the Bishop said.

“We are living through unsettling times and fundamental basics of caring for each other and the environment have been lost. I believe this Retreat will help participants re-engage with important aspects of living providing both a spiritual and practical exploration of the Christian perspective on caring for each other and the world in which we live.” The Retreat is open to all denominations, or to people who have no denomination,who are open-minded and are seeking rest and relaxation, spiritual nourishment, reflection and contemplation, as they search for more information on spiritual and ecological awareness.

Hedley Thomson, an expert on environmental and social management, and Father Constantine Osuchukwu, Priest of St Paul’s Ballarat East will be conducting the Retreat that runs from Monday 23 October – Friday 27 October.

For further information and bookings contact Hedley Thomson on 0428 027 895 or email hedleythomson@gmail.com

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