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Elvis lovers to the max

Perched on top of the piano is Allegra (Priscilla), Glen (Elvis), Brenda (playing the piano), Vincent (Elvis) and in front is Charisse (church going protester). All are looking forward to August 16.

SUNDAY August 16th is the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. On this day Rewind Ballarat, at 42 Armstrong Street North, is holding a Crazy Elvis Impersonator Day to celebrate the crazier side to the King. “We are not looking for the “best” Elvis, we want the craziest, zaniest, weirdest, funniest Elvis,” organiser Vincent Heley, said. “We want a crazy Elvis day because we want people to get in the spirit of Elvis Presley.”

Vincent added that they are not looking for everyone to be dressed in a white satin suit studded with diamantes but for an interpretation of what Elvis was to them. “It’s just to have really good fun with it and people of Ballarat have a really good sense of humour so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to have a fun time and remember Elvis, because we do love his music,” Vincent said. “Elvis was a very sane and great person but he also did some crazy things with his food, his motorbikes his entourage that he had, the guns, the TV, everything was sort of weird, wacky and unusual.” A crazy impersonator day seemed the obvious choice.

“Everyone is welcome – women, children, young and old – anyone can do it,” Vincent said. “We want people to turn up and pack the shop looking crazy. “The day will include some live performances on the piano, singing Elvis songs. “We want people to look at each other, have a good laugh, have fun, reminisce about Elvis and imagine what things would be like if he was still here.” The Crazy Elvis Impersonator Day will be held on August 16 between 2 and 4pm.

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