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Fast Kids SlowNet Yacht Race at Cape Clear

Brothers Jake and Logan Sloan, on the outside, looking good going down to the wire, first in the Cape Clear Slow Yacht Race.

LAST Sunday saw the fourth SLOWNET YACHT RACE held at the Cape Clear recreation reserve.

It was estimated that there was about 120 people in attendance during the races and considering there were a number of activities around this weekend it’s hoped that the next race will have some more people attending and also some more external entry yachts will be submitted.

Apart from the heats for the main race visitors and participants also had a short water course activity with entrants constructing sails for a small wooded block and using “puff power” to propel their yachts down the race.

A number of people made their boats and had some fun.

More photos and story, from Cape Clear, in next weeks Miner.