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Final Portrait


Starring Geoffrey Rush and Armie Hammer

An American writer and art-lover James Lord visits Paris in 1964 and is asked by his friend, artist Alberto Giacometti, to sit for a portrait. As it should only take a few days the flattered Lord agrees. But the creative process takes much longer and is more complicated and unpredictable than he could ever have imagined.

Actor, director Stanley Tucci hasn’t actually directed a film for over ten years and although he is not in it, he also wrote the script.

His vision of the artist and sculptor Albert Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush) isn’t his life story in the conventional sense, rather it concentrates on just a few weeks spending time on his friendship with James Lord (Armie Hammer). Lord is intrigued by Giacometti’s invitation to paint his portrait and sees it as a perfect way to enjoy his company and, as the artist says it will only take a few days, it seems the perfect way to enjoy his company before going back to his New York home. What he doesn’t realise when he accepts is that Giacometti believes a portrait can never be completed. This is exactly what happens with the painting repeatedly being scrapped and started over again. Add to that a huge amount of frustration on the part of both men and constant calls from New York as to why he hasn’t come home. This film gets quite explosive at time, mainly due to the frustration both men endure. Geoffrey Rush is in his element here in the best thing he’s done in a while. Hammer is his foil and his straight man. “Final Portrait” is almost a two hander, art film lovers will particularly enjoy.

Rated M 7 out of 10