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First season netball coach Noni McClure happy with Ballan

New Ballan coach McC lure jumps Noni McClure jumps ball against high to the Bungaree

BUNGAREE’S reputation preceded them last Saturday when they went to Ballan to play, and put first year coach of Ballan Noni McClure on her toes. Prior to the game McClure hoped her team would fare well against the strong opposition.

All her fears were put to rest as the ball started flying and Ballan were able to control it to their advantage. “I think our strength came from the middle of the court as Stacey Casella and Kara Jones know how each other plays and it was great to see how the game played out, especially after losing three good players from last season, of which I am told as this is my first season,” said Noni.

Ballan may have lost some players from last season but they certainly have depth in the side now with some very tall girls in attack Braden Currie and Samantha Peoples then there is the coach, Noni McClure, who is not far from 2 metres tall. “We have some things obviously to keep working on but I think we will have a positive season,” McClure said. “I think our mid-court, is very strong. The girls are very quick and they know each other very well where to place the ball. “So I think definitely our goaling and attack.” While Bungaree may have gone down to Ballan it was a good chance for the new coach to further see how the team plays and their weaknesses and strengths oncourt.