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Starring Gerard Butler and Katheryn Winnick These are apocalyptic times. Every day brings news of North Korea testing ballistic missiles, Syrians being massacred and extreme weather destruction in Mexico, Florida, Sierra Leone, Puerto Rico and other parts of the world so it’s strange that they have chosen to release this film now, especially when it was actually made back in 2014.

Warner Brothers were so disappointed with the original cut; they brought in Jerry Bruckheimer, the Hollywood super-producer to make some sense of the mess.

Geostorm is about a group of scientists who have developed space stations that can manually control the weather.

Gerard Butler plays Jake Lawson an astronaut who has helped develop it.

He’s tasked with saving the day when the satellites go haywire, causing all kinds of natural disasters to be unleashed, creating a demolished planet resembling the movies San Andreas, The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day.

Things get even worse when Butler discovers that the satellites were deliberately sabotaged, with his only allies being his estranged secret service agent little brother ( Jim Sturgess) and his girlfriend (Abbie Cornish), who are forced to kidnap the US President (played by Andy Garcia!) to get the “kill codes” needed to bring down the satellites once and for all.

However the race against the clock gets worse as Jake has to go into space and the planet gets set for a worldwide geostorm which will wipe everything and everyone out.

The acting is ordinary and the storyline has been done to death but the films only saving grace is the CGI special effects which are brilliant and had it not cost over $100 million to make the movie I’m sure it would have ended up on the sci-fi channel. Unless you’re addicted to disaster movies I would give this a wide berth.

Rated M Rated 4 out of 10

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